Saif Ahmed Bin suroor Al Hammadi

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With the abundance and popularity of social media and the image of lavish lives that celebrities around the world present to us, the topic of wealth and luxury has become the pursuit of many young people who believe that the journey to success is straightforward and easily achievable. Most of them now want a life of luxury before they even work for it.

There is a second group of these young people who accept their reality and their routine life and are content with a monotonous and boring life because they are afraid of change.

A third group knows that success requires effort and persistence and that the path to success is difficult and only those with high determination can tread on it, but they do not know where to start. This book is a message of hope for them.

It is possible, and the right steps – even if they are small – lead to great achievements and greater successes.

This book is a collection of inspiring experiences and interesting real events by the writer, who is an Emirati merchant who decided at an early age to enter the field of entrepreneurship and trade. He documented in this book many of the facts and situations that he was exposed to during his practical journey, and he also put a collection of his experiences and provided many pieces of advice and techniques that are the result of his experiences.

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