With the Long Hair


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You won’t find much in this place, just letters trying to arrange to convince you taking them home with you. Scared of darkness and loneliness, scared of feet’s sound moving away slowly. Scared of the books next to them, they all know each other. Perhaps they won’t like shyness… Don’t bother… Who cares about shy letters in a bookshelf?

There is not much to talk about, my name and identity are unknown.
All I can say is that I am very young, I write since I was ten years old.
I am a student and it’s not a big deal, and the thing that saves me from all those battles is making coffee for the greatest of you people.
So, I’m a clichéd girl, a student and a part-timer, that’s all.
Note: I have a very fertile imagination, and this prevented me from graduating early.

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