Horror Reads with Austin Macauley UAE

Horror is a fascinating and enthralling genre. If you enjoy the horror genre, then you are in for a treat. We at Austin Macauley UAE have compiled a collection of eerie stories that will keep you awake at night and make you wonder what lurks in the shadows. Following are our recommendations for some spine-chilling reads.

Is It a Ghost?

Is It A Ghost? by Lienah Higazi is an electrifying excursion into the otherworldly realm. Meet Erika Darlington, an 18-year-old girl who has long been aware of a mystery creature residing in her room, a figure unseen to everybody save her. When this enigmatic presence begins to talk to her, what she previously thought warm and safe, takes a horrifying turn. Prepare for a spine-chilling event that will have you doubting the distinction between the living and the dead. Reality and the otherworldly combine in this frightening narrative, leaving you breathless.

Septagram 2

Septagram 2 by A.A. GEHINIY is a terrifying trip into the realms of terror that will send shivers down your spine. The narrative continues with Lilith’s creepy presence hanging in the shadows, while Lucifer and his wicked brethren continue to sow disaster on Earth. As Ulo Azm fights demons in a never-ending war, you, my reader, are invited to join him on an incredible adventure. Your mind transforms into a time-travelling train, transporting you across the pages of this book and into other realms of terrifying tales. You will be immersed in frightening interrogations of the dead and terrifying Satanic nightmares, all designed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Kings of Darkness

Kings of Darkness by Charisma portrays a chilling story about a young prince forced into a realm of darkness and hate. After his father’s death and the strange disappearance of his twin brother, this young prince inherits a contaminated reign. The mysteries that surround him, the mystical forces that work against him, and the gloomy atmosphere of a gothic universe combine to create a storey that will captivate you. Prepare to be captivated by the haunting journey of a young king traversing the cryptic and tough route to power as you read through the pages of this horror thriller.


Heptagram by A. A. Jihini plunges you into a world where Yassine’s disappearance on a peaceful vacation morning is just the beginning of a sequence of frightening disclosures for Ghassan. Ghassan gets carried away by a never-ending flow of surprises, each more startling than the last, as he explores deeper into this disturbing narrative. Inexplicable enigmas and strange people surround him, prompting him to start on a mission to explore the mysteries underlying the red incantations. Along the journey, he solves the mystery of his missing kid, but what he learns goes beyond that – it’s an investigation of his entire soul. Prepare for a mesmerising and unsettling experience as you follow Ghassan’s trek into the heart of darkness.

The classics never go out of vogue in the world of horror literature. They continue to enchant and frighten readers generation after generation. The books we have featured here are only a sampling of our enormous portfolio of horror literature. We have something to satiate your deepest needs, whether you like horror classics, haunting stories, or horror novels.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the abyss, uncover horror masterpieces, and embark on a trip into the darkest reaches of the human mind with Austin Macauley UAE. Prepare to be delighted, chilled, and completely captured by these spine-chilling horror stories. Happy reading, and may your evenings be filled with the wonderful fear that only horror literature can bring!

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