Septagram 2 – Al Arif


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(Lilith) still wanders among the shadows, (Lucifer) and his brothers are still wreaking havoc on the earth, and (Ulo Azm) are still confronting demons time after time, and you, dear reader, are still on the train of your imagination that carries you between the pages of the book through time and places, visiting countries of tales will not be the first interrogation of dead bodies, and the dreams of (Satan) will not be the last.

Ahmed Attia Gehiniy - known simply as (Gehiniy) - is an Egyptian physician and novelist. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University in 2005, and was known for participating in writing workshops for several television programs.

His novel (Septa Gram) was published in 2019, and (Al Arif) is his second long-form novel.

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