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From working with and learning from renowned master chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain, Australia and Germany to being chef de cuisine at a five-star hotel at just 24, you can say that I have always pushed myself to go a little harder, a little further to become a better chef. And when I decided I wanted to be a chef, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But what I hadn’t foreseen was the sheer amount of information, a lot of it contradictory, that exists out there for any young, aspiring chefs out there who want to make it in the culinary world.

I want to change that.

After more than a decade in the culinary industry, working my way up, learning and making a name for myself, I realized it was time to put together a comprehensive guide for young cooks and the next generation of chefs/restaurateurs who want to enter this profession. And this book is it.

From your first steps as a young, aspiring chef to running your very own restaurant, I hope my experiences, and what I’ve learned, will help guide you along the way as you find your own path to culinary success.

Nigel J. Lobo is a chef currently living and working in Dubai as a Group Executive Chef. From working stages at Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain to some of the best restaurants in the world in Australia and Germany to now running Stars N’ Bars-UAE, his experiences set him up for culinary success at a very young age. And it’s these experiences that he wants to share with a larger audience, hoping to inspire and guide the next generation of chefs to realize their true hidden potential.

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