Celebrating International Earth Day: How Books Can Inspire Environmental Stewardship

International Earth Day is a global event held annually on April 22nd to raise awareness about the pressing environmental issues we face and encourage collective action towards their resolution. Books play a significant role in inspiring positive change, as they allow readers to explore different perspectives on the environment, develop empathy for the natural world, and learn about innovative solutions to ecological challenges. In this blog, we’ll delve into the various ways books and the publishing industry can contribute to environmental stewardship.

The Influence of Eco-Literature

Eco-literature, a genre that encompasses literary works with environmental themes, has had a profound impact on public perception of ecological issues. These books encourage readers to think critically about the human-nature relationship and often serve as catalysts for societal change. Classic and contemporary works in this genre have inspired generations of environmentalists, scientists, and policymakers to work towards a more sustainable future.

Encouraging Environmental Education through Children’s Books

Introducing children to environmental issues at a young age is crucial in fostering a sense of responsibility for the Earth. Children’s books with environmental themes can help initiate discussions on the importance of conservation and sustainable living. These stories often feature relatable characters and engaging narratives that not only entertain young readers but also educate them about the natural world and the role they play in its preservation.

The Role of Science Fiction in Envisioning Ecological Futures

Speculative fiction, including science fiction, has long played a role in shaping environmental awareness. By exploring potential futures and their environmental implications, these works challenge readers to consider the consequences of their actions and the importance of sustainable practices. Furthermore, science fiction can inspire innovative solutions to environmental problems, as it often pushes the boundaries of human imagination and ingenuity.

Supporting Green Publishing Practices

The publishing industry can play a vital role in promoting environmental stewardship by adopting green practices. Sustainable paper sourcing, reducing carbon emissions during transportation, and encouraging digital formats are just a few ways publishers can minimize their environmental impact.

At Austin Macauley Publishers, we are proud to share our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our dedication to ecological responsibility is reflected in our business practices and the works we choose to publish.

Books have the power to shape our understanding of the environment and inspire us to take action in preserving it. On this International Earth Day, we encourage readers to explore eco-literature and consider the various ways they can contribute to environmental stewardship.

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Our Top Picks of the Year

Our dear readers, we’ve made it to another fantastic year in literature. If you’re anything like us, your love of reading and writing extends beyond the books on your shelf or the notes in your notebook. You’re constantly curious about what’s happening in the literary world, from author interviews and writing advice columns to the most recently published books. We’re here to feed your soul with a dose of literary goodness that 2022 bestowed us with, so keep on reading!

Our 2022 crop of books offer something for everyone, with a wide range of genres published this year. Our reading list if full of enjoyable reads, or try something different from our online bookstore.. You can find books from our vast collection that will satisfy your desire and will provide the guidance to make the changes necessary to bring you what you’ve been waiting for . So without further ado, here is the list of our top 10 titles of 2022!

Top Books of 2022:

New Year is just around the corner and there’s something about the New Year that always motivates a return to reading, regardless of whether you read like the wind over summer or fell short in fulfilling your reading goals. Fortunately, the New Year also brings with it a brand-new lineup of releases to enjoy and we’re sure that with our amazing authors, 2023 is going to be outstanding for reading.

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Best Books to Read This Autumn 2022

The Autumn season doesn’t have to be about mourning the loss of Summer, it’s a time to embrace cuddling up by the fire and indulge in our fresh titles that one can enjoy whilst sipping on some hot chocolate. Kids are back in school, book clubs are back in full swing, and it’s time to check out your local bookstore and see all the exciting new good reads.


If you’re a fan of authors whose backgrounds reflect both Eastern and Western cultures, then this book is for you. This poetry book revolves around the themes of religion, philosophy, politics and depictions of urban space.



On Par With Emotions

This captivating poetry book will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. In this book, the author attempts to relieve personal struggles and stress by expressing feelings and emotions that connect us all in one way or the other.



Ecstasy… Thought… and Blues

This beautiful book is a labour of love, passion and heartbreak. The author reflects upon lovers’ lives and the thoughts that depict the state of suffering of a grieving heart.




They Were Sewed

Othman Bon Omar Lee’s poetry book is a breath of fresh air. The way he expresses emotions is unlike any other, and once you open this book, you will not be able to put it down until you finish it.



Seven Years of Autumn

This breathtaking book is unlike anything that you’ve read before. This is not just another poetry book. These are the pages that scream all the events and feelings we ignore, the messages we don’t send, and the stories we don’t pass on.



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Best Twitter Feeds For Book Lovers To Follow

Best Twitter Feeds for Book Lovers

Twitter has proved itself to be the most popular site for social networking for people who love books. It’s the most popular online book club that connects book lovers across the globe, providing the latest information about when the book you’ve been waiting for all year will finally be available, as well as giving you the possibility to tweet your top authors and even make your book-related fantasies become a reality by getting a response.

It’s totally understandable that sometimes you don’t feel like pulling that hefty book out of your bag while walking around in those heels on the subway. This is why this list of must-follow Twitter feeds is for book lovers. Just a few swipes on your phone, and you’ll have a plethora of book recommendations, reviews, top-10 listicles and excerpts, quotes, and endless opportunities to win books for free in just a few simple steps.

If your TBR pile isn’t quite big enough, here is a list of some Twitter profiles for those who read all day long.

Bethanne Patrick, via @TheBookMaven

Since joining Twitter, we’ve been following the writer and reviewer Bethanne Patrick, and trust us, her account is the one-stop shop for all your book-loving desires. With 206K followers, we’re certainly not the only ones in love with her.

Bookforum Magazine, via @bookforum

The Twitter feed of Bookforum Magazine is a sure sign that you’re going be able to make your mark when you follow these people. The magazine is known for its thoughtful and artistic book reviews, and its Twitter feed certainly reflects that. In addition, with their somewhat subversive tone, they’re a great source to learn about the books that may not be on the radar of other readers.

BookPage, via @bookpage

As the Twitter feed for the monthly publication of book reviews is @bookpage, you’ll see your TBR pile rising within a matter of minutes. With a wide range of interests and a vast array of all kinds of literary genres, from historical and biography to romance and mystery, there’s something to suit everyone.

Book Riot, via @BookRiot

Their slogan is “Always books. Never boring.” They meet their promise. Book Riot’s content is varied, inclusive, and funny. You shouldn’t be missing the Our Reading Lives series, either.

Books Report, via @Booksreport

Publishing book content from all over the world, Books Report is going to be the go-to resource for retweets related to books. They’re interesting and timely, and at 28.6K tweets, they don’t miss anything.

Electric Literature, via @ElectricLit

The Twitter feed of @ElectricLIt is the reason why many of us were at the AWP convention trying to track a “Yoga For Writers” poster ⁠— you already know you want one, so check out their website! Since it is the Twitter official account of non-profit Electric Literature, this feed is solely dedicated to creating an online community of writers and readers. Do not miss their recommendations for reading!

GalleyCat, via @GalleyCat

Your go-to Twitter for the latest news in the world of books. The @galleycat feed covers everything from new book releases and publishing events, adaptations of films to books, and the most recent and best essential products to meet your book-loving desires. There is much more.

Goodreads, via @goodreads

If you’re not already following Goodreads on Twitter, we do not know what you’ve been doing all these years. No one is more passionate about reading than this group, and you can also be grateful for Emma Watson’s book club for women.

New York Times Books, via @nytimesbooks

It is worth noting that the New York Times book section is an excellent source for reviews of books, reflections on the current state of reading and writing literature and many other book-related articles. Authors often come to the site to read reviews of other books, and that’s really amazing.

Guardian Books, via @GuardianBooks

The same sort of greatness in books like that of the New York Times, this account provides an excellent foundation for the East-of-the-Atlantic literary scene, including reviews, interviews with authors, and fun quips.

NY Review of Books, via @nybooks

The slightly narcissistic self-anointing as “The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language” aside, the New York Review is a great place for readers. In addition to reviews on books, you’ll also be able to read amazingly well-written articles that cover other genres and more.

LA Times Books, @latimesbooks

Although not as popular as its east coast contemporaries, the LA Times‘ newspaper section and book blog are fantastic for reviews (which they have more of than other feeds) and author interviews and essays.

HuffPost Books, via @HuffPostBooks

Another online news source with an amazing book section, you can be immersed in HuffPost books for several days. They’re great for covering female-oriented books or for women, as well as on women. They also have a wealth of other fantastic books on diverse topics and genres.

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Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads!

Empowering Teachers and Students Alike with Our Educative Reads

As teachers play a vital role in imparting the knowledge to the younger generations, so it is of the utmost priority that they get authentic information. The teachers must be careful while delivering lectures to the students as they contribute to make them an asset. Furthermore, the students must also listen to their teachers to get the required and updated information. They must learn from their teachers to read the best books that will bring confidence in them to participate in healthy discussions.

As Colleen Wilcox says,

“Teaching is the greatest act of optimism.”

Here are some of the recommended books for the teachers and students to read this International Teacher and Student month.

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

Phonological Error Patterns from a Clinical Perspective

It is our first recommended book for the teachers and specifically for the students as it provides an understanding of the phonological error patterns. The systematic errors by children are common during the learning process and expressing the knowledge. It identifies the common phonological errors neglected by children. This evaluation assists in the diagnosis of common phonological and articulation disorders. It also discusses the differences between phonology and speech. Other dimensions include normal speech development, phonological mistake patterns, and ways to diagnose speech sound abnormalities. It also examines speech sound abnormalities more thoroughly.

Teachers and students must click here to improve their phonological errors.



A Practice

A Practice

It is one of the best books for students studying in school. It helps in learning as it describes the stories of twelve children having learning issues. Each of them gets help from a tutor to improve their learning problems. Their tutor is an expert in The Clinical Teaching Model, and she delineates the achievements and the issues of curative tutoring. The journey of tutoring comes across modern theories and techniques of teaching.

Click here to practice the best learning and tutoring methods.




Adam’s First Day at School

Adam’s First Day at School

It is the story of Adam who is excited about his very first day at school. He is happy to make new friends in school and to learn from new teachers. A new chapter of life is going to start for Adam. Find out what he will learn on his first day.

Click here to get this inspiring book for students.



Aisen’s School Diary

Aisen’s School Diary

This is one of the best books to read in October, the International month of teachers and students. The book has described the story of the school life of Aisen and her friends. They have got admission in an international school where they get exposure to students of different nations and religions. It comprises the memories of daily events in school. By reading this book, you will enjoy the entertaining journey of Aisen and her friends in school life. Eventually, they learn from some incidents that occur one day.

Click here to start an exciting journey of school life with Aisen and her friends!


Is It Uncool to Go to School

Is It Uncool to Go to School

It is a story about Peter, a boy who does not like to go to school. It is difficult for him to wake up early in the morning every day. So, his mother decides to assist him. It is a thought-provoking book that will make little students mindful of the need and importance of going to school.

Click here to grab your copy. It is a must-read book to encourage students to get up and go to school.


Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

Effective Leadership and Performance Effectiveness – Leadership to Ward Off Harm and Bring Interests

This book falls under the category of ‘books for leaders.’ It motivates students to develop leadership skills and encourages teachers to utilize their leadership skills effectively. Abdullah Hussain Shugaibel discovered in his book that the magnitude of response depends on the acts of persuasive power. An effective leadership determines the performance of an institution. Effective leadership is achievable by making bold decisions to avoid harm and dedicating oneself to bringing interests together, which leads to progress by the execution of the necessary actions promptly. This book gives the concept of successful leadership, and performance effectiveness is based on making courageous and dedicated judgments and then doing the right things in the right way.

Click here to get the inspirational book.


Smart Architecture

Smart Architecture

This book proposes a scientific research technique for debating between two architectural camps: identity and scientific development for advanced architecture. There are various extensive arguments in this book that analyse the benefits and drawbacks of both adherence to identity and modern architecture. It provides a neutral perspective that allows readers to conclude the debate and to select between the two. It must be a good read for the students to enhance their knowledge in the era of technological advancement.

Get this thought-provoking book here.


The Four Levels of HR Excellence

The Four Levels of HR Excellence

This book facilitates the knowledge of HR management. It provides an easy and innovative way of bringing change in the development of HR departments in the present era.  This book is based on the four levels of the HR excellence model. This book can help any HR department in strategy formulation, previewing the concepts of HR into easy illustrations, and to make a framework to keep a check on HR effectiveness.

This is a specifically recommended book for educators.

Get this beneficial book by clicking here.



TV News 3.0

TV News 3.0

This book describes the journey of media advancement. The news of every happening gets digitalized on the news channels. All the developed news channels have competitors. In this growing era of technology, it is hard to trust authentic information as we do not know the facts of every happening. From an educational perspective, this book helps teachers in understanding the logical information that may facilitate the teachers to gather factual data. In this way, a teacher can provide quality knowledge to the students that will ultimately develop their future opinions.

It will be a good read for the teachers to tackle the fast flow of information. Click here to get the book.


Pick few books to dedicate to your teachers and students this October. Take this chance and start a hobby of book reading. It will have positive effects on your life with surprising benefits. Get ready to read your compelling book from the collection of our best books!

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10 Young Adult and Fantasy Novels We’re Reading on International Youth Day

International Youth Day is celebrated annually on 12th August by the United Nations. This day is dedicated to the young women and men and the role they play in tackling global issues and bringing change. The International Youth Day also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the problems and challenges our youth is facing. This day recognizes every young person’s right to have access to education, employment and healthcare. It also celebrates their right to dream big and hope for a better world. So to celebrate this day, we have gathered a list of some amazing books that you can read or gift to some young souls around you. So, let’s dig in and discover the best books of all time.


Jabeen Kingdom: Between the Eye and the TearJabeen Kingdom: Between the Eye and the Tear

This is a story of happiness and sadness. Tear is sure she won’t go back to her old life and the castle. But when there is news about the kidnapping of Princess Ray and the death of the two kings, Tear decides to go back and avenge the troubles in her life. Tear hopes for a new life with Eye as she witnesses there was sadness and happiness in their relationship. Buy this unique story for your young adult kids here.




Night Catchers

Night Catchers

Our next pick is one of the best thriller books on the list. This is the story of Aya and her stepbrother, Joe. When Aya moves away from the city to a new countryside with her step-brother, they discover a mysterious world with dark forces at play. Their dream life soon becomes an adventure and they witness myths and legends coming to life. The Night Catchers are challenged into fighting deities, giants, unicorns and warriors. This fight is between good and evil, which becomes a threat to Nature, bringing it on the verge of environmental disaster. Will Aya overcome all the challenges and win the fight against all odds? To unveil further, buy this young adult fantasy book here.




The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

Hajar wants to take revenge for the death of her father who was assassinated in the huge massacre at the kings’ path. She is fighting the allies who brought her own dynasty to end. Hajar was known for her silent nature as she was never the one with the loud voice. She will now confront the Scorpio family with the same silence she is known for. But will she overcome the obstacles of her way and settle the score with her father’s killers? To read more of this mystery and thriller novel, buy this book here.



Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha

Our next pick for young readers is a collection of short stories. These stories are the childhood memories from Ghamed and Zahran. The stories are written in an easy and modern novel style so people from all kinds of backgrounds can read and understand them. A suitable gift for your young reader on this International Youth Day; grab a copy of this book here.




Nooras and Her Black CatNooras and Her Black Cat

This story of a bewitched cat will be the best present for the young blood, someone who loves fantasy and horror. Nooras’ parents bought her a pet cat but little did they know this cat would become a headache for them. The catch is bewitched and has strong powers. When Nooras’ parents try to kick the cat out of their house, they realise it isn’t that simple and easy to get rid of it. Join Nooras and her parents in their struggle to get rid of the spooky cat. Buy this book full of adventures here.



I Believed You

I Believed You

What happens when there is one love and two different faiths involved? How can one believe in faith and love together? How do you pray to God when you are in love and whose prayers are closer to God? This is the story of a love that is challenged by the test of faith. It is a perfect choice for young adults who want to see love in the light of religion. Grab a copy of this romantic book here.





The Elvish Bride

The Elvish Bride

This is an unconventional love story between a young man and an elf maiden. Tommy Trickett is a young and handsome farmer, who is sought-after by many village girls. But he is waiting for the right one to come into his life. One sleepless night, as he goes out of his house to investigate the source of some strange lights, he finds a group of elf maidens dancing on the misty sea. As they see him coming, the group marches back to their secret place. The youngest of all, however, had to be gently led away as she seems to be fascinated with Tommy. Then, right before the next full moon, she sings to him in Elvish. They start meeting each other after midnight, fall in love and get married. But just when they think everything has settled down, life throws a curveball. You can read this magical story of love by getting a copy here.


The Last War

The Last War

The last war is going to decide who the victor is. As the universe is destined to be dark and chaotic, there is light until there is hope. The story of power, calmness, strength and light, this book is a perfect gift for the visionary youth around us. Don’t forget to grab this inspiring book here.






The Kingdom of the Forehead

The Kingdom of the Forehead

Diaa is still haunted by his battle with the shadows when he was taken to the dark world. Diaa doesn’t want to talk much about the subject of that battle as it has drained him of all his energies, but deep down in his heart, he knows the war is not over yet. Buy this fantasy novel here.






Our last pick from the list of books for young adults is this contemporary fiction novel which is based on the contradictions we live our lives in. We are born to die but we fear death, we seek peace on the battlefield and are searching for integrity on the land of corruption. This thought-provoking book is a must-have for young minds who are searching for answers to life. You can buy this book here.





We hope you will enjoy International Youth Day with this list of books for young adults. You can also give these books as gifts to the young kids in your family.

If you are a budding writer and want to share your work with us, then click submit. You can also send it to us by filling our online submission form.

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