The Elvish Bride

Laurie McLoughlin

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Tommy Trickett is a tall, robust and handsome farmer. All the village girls were in love with him but he was waiting for just the right one. One sleepless night, he went to investigate some strange lights down by the river. He saw some Elf maidens dancing on the misty lea. When they saw him, they marched back over the bridge. The youngest one however, was clearly fascinated and had to be gently led away. Just before the next full moon, she sang to him in Elvish. They met at midnight, fell in love and got married. Everything went ever so well until…

During his 30 year career as an English and mathematics teacher in a pleasant coastal town in NSW, Laurie came to see that adolescents and seniors enjoyed being read to as toddlers and young children, given an age appropriate and a reader with a pleasant, fluent voice.

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