The Forbidden Tree

Bin Jarad

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Vows’ betrayal, breaking oaths, and dispersing royal daggers forced the retrieval of the Leo family from their position as leaders of Scourthon Isle. But Hajar has one last journey to take the revenge of her father, Jonsu, who was assassinated in the huge massacre where the kings’ path begins. Her goal is not the gold or a crown studded with two precious stones but the allies that brought death to her dynasty. But can Hajar fulfill her ambitions with her intruder son? Would she have to bond with the most dangerous and mysterious families at Ostegaard Bay where the symbols and shields remain the same in the midst of darkness? Hajar was not one of the princesses with loud voices, silence is her best choice to confront the Scorpio family who broke the first oath placed in the “book of blood”.

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