Nooras and Her Black Cat

Jaber Khamdan

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While Nooras was with her parents in the traditional market, a beautiful black cat caught her attention and she insisted her parents buy it. After several days, Nooras discovered the super-cat’s capabilities followed by interesting chapters of adventures in fantasy worlds that this wonderful cat will take us to.

The author is a member of the Bahrain Writers Association in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is also a member of the story forum that emanates from the Bahrain Writers Association. He writes short and very short stories. His short stories are characterized by a variety of ideas, ranging from realism and symbolism, as well as humanization of animals and insects. His story Two-Thirds of a Man and a Woman’s Head won the fifth rank in the Arabic Shujoon Magazine competition, out of more than 400 stories from most Arab countries. He has also written two novels: The Blue Dress and Memoirs Servant from Munnar.

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