The Four Levels of HR Excellence

Adi Mazen Adi

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In this book, Adi Mazen has previewed the HR body of knowledge in a very easy and creative way that will constitute a change in the way how HR professionals should build their contemporary HR departments.

The four levels of HR excellence model that the book was based upon are eye-opening. It will help the reader to conceptualize the HR strategy for the new world.

This book has many benefits for the HR individuals at their mid-career:

• It will help them formulate robust and aligned HR strategy.

• It will help them visualize many hard-to-understand HR concepts and theories formulated into easy and applicable illustrations.

• Most importantly, it builds a framework to measure the effectiveness of what HR professionals are doing in their careers.

Adi Mazen Adi is a Human Resources expert with more than 14 years of professional experience. His passion is to enhance the organisational performance through deploying a proven and successfully applied HR best practices.

Adi is a professional HR certifications instructor and has contributed to the development of many HR professionals. He has contributed many articles on both SHRM website and LinkedIn. He has established the first SHRM forum in Jordan in order to help advance the HR profession within his community.

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