The Falling of the Crown

Niveen Abdulghaffar Albayed

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This group of stories some of its spirit, if not most of it, is based on events that may take place on the ground, for here there are no knights with white horses, and nothing from the world of fairies and magic, but the main characters are really heroes who fought disease, despair and addiction. Abul-Fotouh and suffering with illness and the myth that ultimately eliminated him to become a victim of ignorance, Hiam, Juhaina, and a cursed thief gradually stealing life between hospital walls and reality, and the amiable young Rami who fell into the traps of alcoholism in a conservative society, and that survivor of a fire of accusations, his body lying alone in the hospital counts his last breath without recommending.

Niveen Abdulghaffar Albayed was born in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and grew up there until the age of ten…She graduated from Al-Bayt University, majoring in nursing, and worked as a nurse at the founder's King Abdullah Hospital in Irbid, northern Jordan. Married and a mother, she currently resides and works in the United Arab Emirates. Passionate about reading, writing and learning, she is interested in environmental issues. "My ambition is to work in humanitarian organizations to help the needy refugees, women and children…"

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