Ecstasy… Thought… and Blues

Salim Alyami

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Despite refraction, extinction, and revolution, estrangement was the only solution to the restoration of the self-inflicted trauma. America was the place where these thoughts were born with all their contradictions, where feelings are written sometimes in a sad sense, portraying the state of grief dominating the heartbeat of the oppressed. Followed by a longing to see the impossible. Sometimes the mind is evoked to write thoughts fabricated in the colors of passion and grief. That’s how my thoughts were formed, and I cannot forget the diversity of environment that made all my writings in that estrangement period, either the writings I published in this book as thoughts and ideas, or which will be published in an upcoming novel. The brightly colored autumn before and after the fall of the leaves, the freezing snow, the greenness of the spring, and the warmth of the summer on the banks of the lakes and rivers, all had a role in shaping the features of the grief on the portraits of my words and views with colors in a way that gives the pain a delicious taste, like imaging the emotional revelation in the best moments of a lover which reflects the shiver for the chosen estrangement with the symphony of wailing. It turns the tears to the poems of love and lamentations to heal with them whenever they are about to melt by coercion of their sorrows or by the sentimental deviation that refuses to give up the beauty of its pulse despite the cruelty of fate.

Writer and visionary, he wrote in all intellectual, literary, poetic, and political fields. He is the author of the book Revolt Revolution and novel Government of Ekhelan’s Daughter published in 2011 and 2013 respectively. He wrote on many websites, most importantly Elaph—online newspaper since 2003.

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