I Believed You

Laila Bashar Al-Kloub

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What is faith? And how do we believe in religion and love together?
How to pray? Whose prayer is closer to god? Do things fall in place when you know the ultimate truth or do they fall apart?
These questions were harder of what I have got ahead, it’s truth, faith, and creed and all that formed in it during his life without realizing how and why.
He did not plan on falling in love, which started a chain of events, making him keep his faith in obscurities; on the other hand, that was what she was looking for, until she discovered one difference would shake all of the principles, and become her strange and heavy burden, to find an answer for her last question: What does she believe?

One love and two faiths, and between the beginning and the end, there are stories that should be told, and between the beliefs and choices, there is a huge difference. This is such a story, the beginning is clear to the end, exposing the flow of feeling for years and her death in one moment, the true moment.
Not all that we believe and choose could be our only and eternal faith and choice.

Laila Bashar Al-Kloub

A Jordanian producer and writer has a master’s degree in Journalism and Modern Media from Jordan Media Institute, and has a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Engineering from Jordanian University. She started digital blogging in 2009 and participated in many student’s activities in the Jordanian University, worked as a freelance writer for many Arabic and foreign websites, and is an activist in many fields, with the most significant being debate, as she has led the Dialogue and Debate Club in Al-Salt since 2015. She’s participated in many youth projects inside and outside Jordan, e.g., young Arab Media Leaders Program; Salzburg Media Academy in Austria; and in Germany, she participated in two projects, which talked about the diversity in Religion and Politics in Arab countries and Europe. Furthermore, she has received many local awards and scholarships.

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