Romance Books to Read This Season of Love

Romance Books to Read This Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we all are in the mood for some steamy romance! Over the years, our amazing love stories from the romance genre have continued to awe the readers with their compelling characters, extraordinary plots, and sheer love oozing off of the pages. After all, it’s difficult to resist the heart-fluttering and ingratiating experience that comes from reading a good love story.

So this month of love is the high time to slip into a comfy outfit, lit some candles, munch on some chocolates and crank up the heat. If you’re as excited as we are to celebrate February 14th by immersing yourself in romantic novels, then we suggest that you grab these books asap. We assure you that you’ll fall in love with these fictional couples in our romance novels, and they will sweep you off of your feet in a heartbeat. These stories will remind you to keep fighting for the ones you love, the importance of being by their side, and that true love really is out there; only if you look hard enough, you’ll find it.

There are so many love stories to pick from, so how should you go about it? Well, we’ve put together our top 10 romance novels that you can check out this Valentine’s Day.

Achilles and the Colors of the Spectrum

Achilles and the Colors of the Spectrum

If you’re a fan of Outlander series, then you’ll definitely love this book as it paces between different historical times. What happens when a Greek fighter from Alexander the Great’s army finds himself in front of a convoy at the end of the first Hijri century in the Arabian Peninsula? Little did he know he would find the love of his life through this leap in time and space. Will this unconventional love survive the test of time?




Sometimes in life, we are faced with such dire circumstances that it feels like the universe is against us. And the only thing that makes it bearable is the people who are by your side. Such is the story of Fadia. The readers meet Sami, who had everything but lost it in the blink of an eye. The only constant factor was her unwavering love. This tale of love is sheer magic that will make your heart melt.



I Am Just Like That

I Am Just Like That

The book introduces the readers to Amira Salem, a renowned tennis player. Her father passed away when she was just a child, and the hole that her father left within her soul pushed her to be with someone who took advantage of her love and trust. Amira’s story is a reminder that no matter the amount of challenges and heartbreaks life throws our way, we’ve to keep fighting and find our way back.


Mr. Right

Mr. Right?

When choosing a life partner, we often get overwhelmed and prioritize what society expects from us, that we undermine what we actually want. Sherifat Taiwo Osinowo beautifully portrays just that in this book. It centers around an innocent young woman named Zainab, a medical student ready to take one of the most crucial decisions of her life: selecting her Mr. Right. Set in the backdrop of southwestern African Yoruba tradition, the story emulates the influence of family and societal expectations, as women are expected to bring home a man after a certain age.


The Battle of Love

The Battle of Love

Most of the time, life does not turn out the way we expect it to be, and that’s exactly is the story of The Battle of Love. It revolves around people with big dreams, love, deceit, magic, and whatnot. What this book has in store for you is something you’ll never expect.


Through Brown Eyes

Through Brown Eyes

Sometimes, what our heart desires and what our culture permits us to do are two different things. Through Brown Eyes tells the story of an immigrant family and their nineteen-year-old daughter, Shama. She got caught up in a whirlwind of romance with Saleem as she accompanied her mother on a trip to Pakistan. What the future holds for her is not something she ever imagined.


To the One Whose Love Captivated Me

To the One Whose Love Captivated Me

Reading a good book with a companion or lover creates an entirely new bond between two individuals. The two of you explore the story by sharing new characters, places, and even ideas. This is one of those books that stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. It is the story that engraves its name on your heart and soul. It’s nothing but pure love oozing out of every word written on the pages of this book.


Single Mother

Single Mother

They were never meant to fall in love as he belonged to an aristocratic family, and she was from a fishing village. But, as strong as their love for each other was, life took them on their separate paths, only for them to meet again in the most unreal way.



Osaka Sunset

Osaka Sunset

Thomas struggles to understand his heart. He embarks on a personal pilgrimage to Japan as he wants to practice spirituality instead of getting married, as his parents suggested. The change of scenery can be great for unwinding the mind; however, he has to revisit someone to find answers to things missing from his life, particularly love.



Lost in The Echo

Lost In The Echo

It can be difficult to understand emotions and comprehend them. But what if you’re bestowed with the power to feel others’ emotions? Malikah is cursed by her enhanced ability for empathy, which enables her to feel people’s emotions. She immerses herself in the voices that echo through her head but then realizes that it’s not a curse but, in fact, the greatest blessing that life has offered her.


Arguably, romance novels are a great source of escapism from the existential drudgery of life with their intriguing plots, witty dialogue, and stunning details that keep one hooked. They are often so sultry and deep, taking the plunge into the whirlwind of human emotions, desires, and passion that one can’t help but take in all those feelings. Our books will serve you just that.

We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our suggested romance books this Valentine’s Day. Connect with Austin Macauley Publishers for more amazing recommendations. If you’re into romantic comedies, then make sure to check out these fantastic rom-com novels. Also, you can stay updated with our new releases and activities by joining our family of authors and readers on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

6 Romance Books That Build A Better She

Every woman loves to read. And when it comes to reading, romance books can revolutionise a woman’s      life miraculously. Take the first step right now. Start reading good romance books that teach you how to live your life to the fullest. Stuck in past thoughts? Your thoughts and feelings follow a persistent pattern. Probably, they will appear, reappear and… It is only you who can get yourself out of comparative reasoning threads like well or unwell, optimistic or pessimistic, and cynical or credulous.

Our prolific writers at Austin Macauley Publishers compose books that promote the well-being of our valuable feminine readers. From their pen, you get insightful romance books that help you get in touch with your inner self. Their eloquence empowers you to embrace your feelings and emotions, not to seek escape from them.


Robbery of Another Kind

Robbery of Another Kind by Dr. Najat Sultan’s

Dr. Najat Sultan’s      Robbery of Another Kind is a post-modern love novel. It relates the story of Rovan, a      teenage      romantic girl, who has no choice but to let technology drift into her life. Like every one of us, she receives      gazillions of emails every      day – solicited and unsolicited. The shrewd author      carefully selects the earthy human theme of love and romance as manipulated by information technology in our times. Soon, Rovan daydreams about her soul-mate. Love is in the air. She finds herself in the warmest arms, carried by and spun into the air. Deceived by the fake lover, she cries bitterly, jailing herself in poisonous thoughts of self-prison. Now she is stuck in her past bitter thoughts. She decides never to fall in love again. The story twists when a future email inspires the heroine and the reader to rediscover their lost authentic selves. Light of romance shines always. It guides those lovers who seek their true selves. Rovan sets on to rediscover authentic true-self. Robbery of Another Kind teaches you to observe adverse effects of information technology on your personal feelings and emotions, and then embrace them openly. Ironically, robbery empowers you to accept your feelings and emotions as influenced by technology. Could this technological way of strengthening feelings and emotions be justified? Get your copy of the book to find out.


Secret Concern

Secret Concern by Dr. Ibtisam Hashim Farran

Are you stuck in your feelings and emotions?      Secret Concern      by Dr. Ibtisam Hashim Farran is a unique postmodern love story novel that challenges scepticism      caused by      psychological penetration into your romantic familial life. The novelist merges medical      science and literature as part of the healing process of Roa’a – a 30-     year     -old married school teacher, suffering from chronic personality disorders. Roa’a stands for every modern working woman paralysed by the nuisance of modern jobs and familial disorganisation. She symbolises every modern household who has turned pompous, sullen, self-centred     , and quarrelsome. Like every modern girl, Roa’a is stuck in an inconsistent pattern of romantic feelings and emotions that cause chaos, confusion and havoc in her life. Symbolically, Roa’a teaches young girls how to live a free life – a life filled with feelings and emotions, a life full of romance, joy and abundance. She encourages you to embrace your feelings and emotions, and not to      avoid      them.


After a While

After a While by Ghaim

Ghaim’s      After a While      is one of the best romance novels. It tells the      story of a hundred winters old lady. Did you ever notice when the sun shines early in the morning, you too start shining? Definitely, yes. We human beings are predominantly driven by changes in days, nights, and seasons. The lady in this story is winter-obsessed. Winter shapes the way she lives; how she sips coffee; how she breathes a sigh of relief; how she hugs him; how she trembles in downpours without him. Deviating from the days of a fragmented lady, the winter lady offers you more humour     , sense of happiness, candlelit romance, and warmth during blue winter.



Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You

Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You by Dina Al-Saigh

Behind My Strength is a Weakness, Loving You is a poetry book.  It takes you on a journey of self-romance. It is through self-romance that you love others.      Dina Al-Saigh’s pen uplifts you by opening you to your true self. You’re a holy temple of love, built by pains, suffering, screams, tears and sighs. When you start engaging with sorrows     , you take the first step to beautify your life. You begin strengthening yourself, thus regaining the lost kingdom of love.      Pain teaches you to embrace your feelings and emotions, in the first place.





Momentums by Majd Radwan

Momentums      are an irresistible set of  poems on love      that play on divine music. In recent years, there’s been a strong urge to sing, ring and listen to such super, sublime music. Majd Radwan composes      perfect poetic verses, filled with divine romance, mesmerized by human passion. Short rhyme, flowing with consistent rhythm initiates the singer and listener alike to move on to a higher world.





On Loss

On Loss by Razan H. Abdul Majeed

On Loss      stands out as best poetry book that becomes a beacon of light for all of us – we all love, loose, and grieve to make sense of our losses. Razan H. Abdul Majeed interweaves themes of life, death, and time to rediscover lost paternal romance. Would she succeed? To find out, get your copy here.





Feel free to choose some of these ultra-modern books and reflect on them to transform your mindset. When you’re resisting inner war, there is another way too – open yourself to your limitless infinity by reading a good book.

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