Ibrahim Almulhim

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Sami and his colleagues had the same academic ambition as their superior peers; That they will be accepted into the scholarship programs of the world’s first petroleum company in their region, whether internally or externally, specifically in America. And because life is not all taken for granted, there are obstacles that hinder the path of one of them and facilitate it for his peers despite his superior level. This is what happened to Sami, a high school graduate who obtained the highest grades, and was advised to go abroad, but he chose to study inside at the Distinguished Petroleum College, and he would not have lost anything if he continued there; But it is the advice of a devil that took him to America. And here comes the events that destroyed his academic future, and could have destroyed his life behind the prison walls. But fate had given him a beautiful American woman who saved him, and she was once one of the elements of his misfortune.

Everything was lost, and she remained. After she had been transferred in her university to be close to him, she was the only thing that would bring him back the joy of life, but this was also a dream that disappeared at the door of the plane that had returned her from where she came.

Ibrahim Almulhim; Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine from King Faisal University, and the first in the batch.

Master's degree in Virology and Diagnostics in the laboratory from the same university.

Head of the Virology Department at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Al-Ahsa.

An old writer in the Saudi newspaper, Al-Yawm, and has many articles in diverse fields.

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