Razan H. Abdul Majeed

Razan Hamdi Abdulrahman Abdul Majeed was born in Jordan in 1979. She is a UAE national of Palestinian/Jordanian origin. She grew up in Dubai and currently resides there. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from London, she returned to Dubai in 1999 and entered the corporate world at the age of nineteen, beginning a fifteen-year career in the field of Human Capital. In 2000, she took some time off work to earn her post-graduate degree from Exeter University, United Kingdom. The author left a well-established and successful career in 2015 to pursue her life-long passion for world travel. She embarked on an extensive and inspiring solo journey of exploration, adventure and spirituality. She trekked long distances across Spain, covering the complete French Way on the Camino de Santiago route, among other pilgrimage routes. She hiked challenging mountain trails in Europe, rode horses in the wilderness and spent considerable time in nature to simply reflect and write. The author also travelled for many months across most of South America, exploring remote and bucket-list places, and acquainting herself with native and Latin cultures. She spent some of her time there working as a volunteer in a privately owned reserve in Minas Gerais, Brazil, immersing herself in sustainability and preservation initiatives related to the environment and local communities. The author returned to Dubai in 2018 to establish herself as a writer and poet.