Shamsa Almazmi

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Hashem Al-Hashem is an Iraqi with a German citizenship who left his home country, Iraq, years ago and settled in Germany with his uncle. After a while, he separated from the family business and started his own business.

Today, Hashem is forty years old, and he has not changed much from how he was fifteen years ago, except that time has left some traces on his body, such as the loss of movement in one of his fingers of his left hand after he was shot by a bullet, and the change in the color of his black hair after the white strands took over his head, and the gray color became dominant while retaining its density, coupled with some of the scars he acquired in his direct matches with his competitors. Along with some scars that his opponents left on his face and in separate places on his body, and the years have failed to erase the traces of those scars from his body and his memory.

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