Achilles and the Colors of the Spectrum

Harif Said

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A fictional story that takes place in different historical times. The hero is a Greek fighter with the rank of legion commander in the army of Alexander the Great. Through a leap in time and space, he finds himself in front of a convoy in the Arabian Peninsula at the end of the first Hijri century. The convoy proceeds to its destination, and in it is Layla, who was attracted to her with all his faculties through the speech of silence, the arrows of the eyes and the vibrations of the heart. He resides in her tribe, learns her language, and is waiting for her return. After a long wait, she returns, and he shares his secret and feelings with her.

But fate does not slow him down, so he sets out for another stop in his journey to find himself in Andalusia, and another story happens to him, this time with Lubna. And his heart and thought are scattered between Layla and Lubna. Then the stations follow, each station expressing a specific historical era that is distinguished by one of the colors of the spectrum… We leave for the honorable reader to follow our hero Achilles and gradation with him in the events and choices and which era he will choose to live in with love and great inner peace.

Harif Said is humble in character, a lover of knowledge with interests in diverse subjects, ranging from physics and mathematics, to poetry, prose and history. Simple in his presentation and profound in his understanding of the human psyche and its impulses, through this book, he attempts to lead the human soul to a more meaningful life. He came from the Far Maghreb to take us on a voyage through the Arab world without a visa through his stories included in this book.

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