I Loved a Narcissist

Hind Rashid Al blooshi

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The soul gets blessed by those who fill it with love, not disappointments. If my forgiveness is going to grant you Heaven, I would not forgive you as long as I live. I thought that life would stop with you, and that I would have nothing left after you.

Disclaimer: Read this book to save yourselves from narcissists.

Hind Rashid Al blooshi, an Emirati born in Dubai, with an ambitious-leading personality, who has been working in Dubai municipality for more than fourteen years in the field of developing systems and services in the Building Regulatory and Licensing Agency.

She graduated from the University of Dubai with a degree in computer science. She loves science and learning, and is passionate about reading and writing, as well as interests in arranging, decoration, and fashion.

She has loved writing since she was young, as she used to participate in many forums during the past years, the most famous of which is the forum of the poetess “Matla’a Alshams”. She has some publications in newspapers and magazines.

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