Which Book Genres are the Most Popular in 2021 and Why?

Most-Read Genres of 2021

When it comes to books—there are a lot of genres out there to read from. There are romance books, thrillers and mystery stories, science fiction, poetry books and many more. Different people like different kinds of books to read and would almost involuntarily reach that aisle of a bookstore, where they can find books from their favourite genre. The three most popular book genres which people like to read in the UAE are;

  • Romance books
  • Crime and Mystery books
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy books

Romance books are the type of fiction books that revolve around feelings of love. A romantic novel is based on the relationship of love between two main characters. It may include many other characters as well who play a positive or negative role in the love story of the main two characters. Although most romance novels are read by women, it is slowly gaining popularity among men as well.

Crime books primarily revolve around criminal acts such as murders or grand thefts. Books included in this genre are mostly murder mystery novels, dark fantasy, and thrillers. They primarily focus on the investigation of a crime, mostly murder.

Lastly, sci-fi books, as is clear from the name, deal with the topics of science and technology. Whereas, the stories in fantasy books are a form of speculative fiction that is inspired by myths of the real world.

To know more about the trending book genres in the year 2021, read this detailed article here. This article gives the readers a forecast of what to read and what to publish in 2021. Reading about the genres in detail may overwhelm you, but worry not. We have gathered 3 books from each genre for you to read, so you can decide which genre best suits your liking.Thus, without further ado, let’s get started.

Romance Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair

From The Heights of Heaven to The Depths of Despair

The first pick from our romance books is this story about a Greek girl named Kacey. She was the kind of girl who wants to live her life to the fullest and enjoy it. She would look at the lives of her Australian friends and co-workers and wish to spend her life like them. But her mother wanted her to get married to a Greek boy soon. This makes her defiant and she leaves her house. She eventually meets and falls in love with an Irish boy, who loves her equally. But their love brings with it many clashes and disputes. Will their love win the tests of life or will they let go of each other? To find out what happens to the love story of Kacey, buy this book here.



Fragrance of September’s

Fragrance of September’s

The next one from the romance books is the story of unrequited love. This book asks the readers to find the answers to all the difficult questions of life and love. Does the love for a particular person makes its way in our hearts as if it was decided in the heavens? Or do we let his love into our hearts on our own? And what happens when we love someone and their love makes the way in our hearts? What happens when their love sweeps over us and engulfs our minds and bodies? Does the heart heal after all the sins we commit? Or does it remain filled with negativity and toxicity till we die? To find out answers to these thought-provoking questions, get the Fragrance of September’s here.



For the Bound Hearts

For the Bound Hearts

This last book we have added to the genre of romance books is not about traditional love, but about self-love. This book talks about the sad moments we all go through in our lives and how we feel once we encounter those feelings. This book is written in a bid to help people overcome the sadness and hardships of their lives. You can get hold of this amazing and inspirational book here.





Crime and Mystery Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

The Guardian

The Guardian

The first one we have picked for you from the crime and mystery books’ genres is The Guardian. This newly released book tells the story of a man and his 7 children. They live in a small and peaceful town. But one fateful day, a fire breaks out and engulfs one of the houses, causing the father of the 7 children to die. His death brings misery and hardships to the lives of these children and also brings along some greedy and selfish relatives. Their main motive is to get hold of the orphans’ money and other properties left behind by their father. But the town’s merchants get together and give refuge to the orphans. They also appoint the chief merchant to become the orphans’ guardian until they reach the age of maturity. Will the orphans and their wealth be kept safe from the clutches of their greedy relatives? To find out more, buy this crime and mystery book here.


A Thug in the Corridors of the Past

A Thug in the Corridors of the Past

This book revolves around the motives and mental traits behind a criminal mind. It talks about how a person starts a crime on a small scale as a small dishonest act. But eventually, one gets used to deceiving people and using unfair means. Before one knows it, one gets so used to doing wrongful deeds that it’s difficult to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. This spreads like poison in one’s heart and eventually results in numbing a person’s morals completely. People seem alive on the outside, breathing, talking and thinking—but on the inside, they feel dead and senseless. To read more of this bone-chilling narrative about crime, get hold of this book here.


Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

This last crime book on our list is a story of revenge. Salem returns to London, expecting Brigitte to wait for him in their apartment. But she is not there. Upon inquiring, he finds out she was with another man named Peter. He drops her off at Salem’s apartment. When she returns, they argue and in the heat of the moment, Salem punches her in her face. The unexpected blow makes her fall, and the back of her head hits a coffee table that is made of steel. She dies, and Salem flees the country. Salem’s father has ordered him to stay in his country because Interpol had requested the Yemen authorities to hand him over to the British Police. They have refused their request because of his father, who is an influential person. After some time, he is allowed by his father to go to Tunisia. On the other hand, Peter is keeping an eye on Salem’s movements, and when he knows Salem is going to Tunisia, he also plans a trip to Tunisia. He convinces his beautiful and charming sister, Antonia, to accompany him so he can use her beauty to seduce Salem. He, then, would revenge the murder of his lover Brigitte. To find more about this gripping revenge and murder mystery book, buy it here.


Science Fiction and Fantasy Books—Our Top 3 Picks:

Labib and the Freakish

Labib and the Freakish

The first book is an interesting one from the sci-fi books. It takes the readers on a unique journey. This journey is an educational one, that takes us through the human body. The courageous Labib travels inside the human body with his mythical friend named Freakish. Together, they unravel the mysteries of the human body. This story will definitely intrigue the readers and make its place among the good sci-fi novels. Get a copy of this fascinating and unique book here.



The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

This book is a fantasy story about deception, the breaking of promises, and manipulation.

Hajar wants to revenge the death of her father, who was killed for the crown and his position. Hajar doesn’t want the crown or other valuable possession. Instead, she wants to avenge the death of her father as it ended her family’s dynasty. Would Hajar and her son be able to succeed? To find out more, buy this book here.




The Flower of January: The myth of Flowers, Stones, and Trees

The Flower of January: The myth of Flowers, Stones, and Tree

The last book on our list is a story about the flower of January. When the breeze of life blew, the flower was motivated to escape, so she ran. During her special journey, she witnessed the beauty of the universe, the days and the nights. You can read this beautiful fantasy story here.





We hope that you enjoyed our recommended books from the most-read genres.

Happy reading!

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Fiction Novels, Do They Shape the Reality or Make You Escape It?


“People talk about escapism as if it’s a bad thing… Once you’ve escaped, once you come back, the world is not the same as when you left it. You come back to it with skills, weapons, knowledge you didn’t have before. Then you are better equipped to deal with your current reality.”
― Neil Gaiman


There has been an extensive series of debates around people consuming fiction books, television, music and other sources of entertainment as an escape from the realities of their life. With the current ongoing situation of a global pandemic, many people have resorted to escape the horrors of life’s realities by binge-watching shows on Netflix, spending their nights downloading and watching movies, reading novels from romance to science fiction to contemporary fiction. Some of us are often guilty of doing this. We find an escape from life’s difficulties and challenges by hiding ourselves behind entertainment.


While this behaviour can be detrimental to the wellbeing of a person if it becomes a learned behaviour, it is considered a harmless coping mechanism when in times of difficulty. We all go through these phases in our life where we need to unwind for some time before we can face the circumstances and find out a way to solve those problems. In such times, escapism through various forms of entertainment comes to our rescue. We indulge ourselves in the world of novels we are reading, lose ourselves in a movie we are watching or find a relatable character in a drama that gives us a new perspective to look at our problems and find a solution to them. Even if we don’t get to learn something new from such sources of entertainment, it is believed that engaging in a healthy type of entertainment can help a person loosen up his stressed-out brain and body.


It is believed that reading contemporary fiction and fantasy novels plays a huge role in providing an escape from the stressors of life. We have piled up some of our contemporary fiction novels and books to read so one can unwind after a stressful week at work or escape the bitter realities of life in general. So, let’s dive into the world of books!



After a While

After a While

A romance novel from the contemporary fiction genre, this is the story of a winter-lover lady. She comes to life in winter and is fascinated by the legislative storms. She cries and longs for her lover and believes they are meant to be with each other. To buy this fascinating love story of longing, rains and pains, click here.




Ashes of a Lost Country
Ashes of a Lost Country

This is a historical account of the author’s early life in the war-torn country – Palestine. Born in the year 1950, the author’s childhood was a mix of joy, mischief and misery. When his mother died, he was sent to a boarding school in Jordan. Later in the year 1967, when Israel took hold of Palestine, he became homeless. After completing his secondary school, he was awarded a scholarship to study in Algeria. There, he found new friends in some French individuals and they, later on, invited him to France. Currently, the author lives in the United Arab Emirates. To read more of this historical fiction book about personal struggles and life in a war-torn country, buy it here.



Hiam Is the Life
Hiam Is the Life

Our next pick is an interesting short story about a young and lonely man. He is frustrated all the time and is not happy with his life. He lives inside his mind, thinking and fidgeting restlessly. Then fate brings a girl into his life who he falls in love with. This love turns his life upside down and makes it better in some ways and worst in others. Will he become a better version of himself after all the new developments in his life or would he end up being even more lonely and frustrated? To find out, buy this book here.




This book is a perfect pick from the contemporary fiction genre for escapists. The story takes us on a journey from loss to a safe harbour. From that safe harbour, we are shown what it feels like to experience boredom. It then shows us the world of fantasies, dreams and discussions. It is a simple but deep journey that takes us into a parallel reality. Grab a copy of this mesmerizing book here.




The Store of Creative Minds

The Store of Creative Minds

Our last pick for this list is a science fiction book about artificial intelligence taking over our lives and industries. In the year 2017, the world started discussing an industrial revolution where humans will live a more relaxed lifestyle because of technological advancement. This is a story of a group of young men and women who got isolated as a result of some social events. When they tried to return to their social life, they found themselves stuck. Would they be able to break free of the unseen shackles and return to what they believe is normal? To find out more, buy this fascinating sci-fi book here.




As we are in the middle of a global pandemic that has brought a lot of other miseries and horrors with it, escaping in the world of literature or movies and TV for some time is a harmless activity to bury ourselves in. Reading a book or two, binge-watching your favourite season or watching movies is the best way to de-stress from the bitter realities of life all around. Enjoy and take care of yourself and your mind in any way you think is best for you.


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Our Top Fantasy Books For All Fantasy Lovers


For so many of us, fantasy novels are a quintessential summer read. The budding romance, intrigue, and adventure sweep the readers away from the existential drudgery of routine life. Keep yourself guessing and engaged with fascinating plots and beautiful characters. Many young readers are hooked on the genre as fantasy books provide an escape into a whole new world of imagination.

With the ongoing pandemic, there is nothing like picking up a good fantasy read tocheck out for a while. We have scoured the depths of our amazing fantasy books that are worth your time. Our must-read fantasy books feature everything you need to add a bit of magic to your life.

Some of our best fantasy books are listed below:

Legacy of Foggy Village

Book: Legacy of Foggy Village 
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi 

Legacy of Foggy Village is a story of true friendship and a strong bond between two young men. Akihiro, who is reckless, wants the purple card so that he can be the strongest man of his village. Becoming the strongest man is hard as he faces many problems and challenges during this journey. Sometimes, he has problems with his friendships, loyalty of the people around him and many trust issues. On the other hand, Hiroushi always wanted a brother and he finds one in Akihiro.



Book: Inversion 
Author: Arwa Altaib 

The story of this book revolves around life and death. How are we living our lives in this world and how should we live our life for the better

In the author’s perspective, we try to find peace on the battlefield and integrity in the lands of corruption. Instead of living a joyful life, we spendour lives in pain, whereas, our actual life starts after death. Then why are we so scared of death?



Book: Life 
Author: Khalid 

Life revolves around how humans are constantly searching for safe harbours. In this journey, sometimes the protagonists feel that they have lost the harbour and sometimes it feels like they are on the journey of boredom. During this journey, we meet many characters but we never figure out who the characters are and what are we looking for between fantasies and dreams.


Tales from Al Baha

Book: Tales from Al Baha 
Author: Mohammad Ahmed Al-Ghamdi 

This book is all about the tales from the cities of Saudi Arabia, named Ghamed and Zahran. It is based on true events that happened more than 40 years ago in a small village located in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The author fantasizes the story in the novel so that it attracts many readers to read about history.


Searching Adventures

Book: Searching Adventures 
Author: Mezoon Alnaqbi 

Searching Adventures is full of mystery and suspense. You never know what’s going to happen next. The story is about an adventure that is waiting for Kyle who is being taken away by an unknown person to the Renion Island. After this incident, Kyle’s life completely changes.


We hope our fantasy books will help you in building your reading habits and you will enjoy reading them.

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