The Store of Creative Minds

Sumaiya Al-Ghassani

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At the end of 2017, the world talked about a new industrial revolution that would change the globe, in which humans would not have a major role, and life tasks would be undertaken by super-intelligent technologies that would accomplish work by self-learning without human intervention. They expected that life would be easier than it was, and the pressures of work and thinking that had exhausted people over the years and increased chronic diseases would ease. Between optimism and pessimism about this change, the events of this novel that was written in 2019 tell about a group of young men and women who found themselves in social conditions that made them isolated from society, and when they wanted to return to their reality, they found themselves in the future drawing the lives of people around them. They discovered that in the mouth of each of them is a clever spoon that can take them beyond imagination.

Sumaiya Al-Ghassani is an Emarati writer, born in the Emirate of Sharjah. She is a graduate in business administration from the University of Dubai, and has a master’s degree in innovation management from the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government. She is currently working as an administrator and researcher in the field of Innovation and Business Development. This novel is her first literary publication.

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