The Flower of January: The myth of Flowers, Stones, and Trees

Nourah Abdulaziz

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The immortal wind blew, encouraging the flower of January to run, so she started running and running, listening to its heartbeat as if it were the music of the universe. The day and night are alternating, so the flower did not calm down and did not settle. She opens its eyes with the sunlight, and she sees the universe at its best. She closes her eyes along with sunset, so she would see with her insight the universe with its magic and its beauty. She started running and running, here and there, she crossed the trees and valleys, climbed the mountainsides, and ran on the surfaces of the seas and the rivers. The only ones who saw her were the children who pointed at her, but the adults did not believe them, and the days passed.

Nourah Abdulaziz is an ambitious teacher, mother of three flowers, a fiction admirer, and a lover of nature and beauty. In this book, she combines fantasy, legends, and some facts in a fun adventure of a delicate flower, where she meets some rare trees.

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