Legacy of Foggy Village

Mezoon Alnaqbi

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An epic tale of valour and bravery that tests the friendship of two strong lads.
Hot-headed Akihiro wishes he can own the purple card some day and be the best fighter in their village. In his pursuit of becoming the ultimate, he is faced with countless challenges in terms of friendship, loyalty and begrudging trust in his new trainer’s methods before he is able to become the man he dreamt of being.
Hiroushi finds a brother in Akihiro that he’d never had. Little does he know that his selfless trust and affection for Aki will one day test his own limits and may even threaten to take his life.


Mezoon Alnaqbi

Mezoon Alnaqbi is a young adult author who was born in December 1995. She graduated from Higher College of Technology in UAE and has a bachelor’s degree in BA. She is interested in literature and started writing at the age of 19.

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