Austin Macauley’s Gifting Guide

Austin Macauley's Gifting Guide

Everyone wants to make their loved ones and close acquaintances happy. Buying your loved ones gifts is a great way to show them you love and appreciate them. But the question is—how to decide on the perfect gift for a close person or a special friend? Arguably, books are considered to make one of the most perfect gifts for many people. As there are a huge number of books available in the world, it is easy to find a book on every topic. But again—the problem arises—which book to buy for someone?

With so many options available, choosing the perfect book as a present can be overwhelming and a daunting task. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. With our gifting guide, you can choose a perfect title for the right time. So, let’s begin.

Books for Little Munchkins

Kids love to receive gifts, and nothing can beat the feeling of receiving an interesting and fun-filled storybook as a kid. They mostly love books that have a fascinating story, are colourful, and have illustrations and pictures. To help you find the perfect book for the little munchkins around you, our list has some very interesting and fun-filled storybooks. so, let’s dig in to find the perfect book for the little friends.

  1. Glimpse of Jordan by Danah Tuffaha, Hanan Al-Amad and Nedaa Elias
  2. Diversity by Maryam Saqer Al Qassimi
  3. Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book by Austin Macauley UAE
  4. Blossoming Kindness by Yasmine Hammad
  5. The Strange Ring by Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf

To find some more amazing and wonderful books for children, read our blog here about perfect summer reads for the kids.

Books for That Special Friend

We all have that one special friend who loves to read and would love to be gifted a book. But again—the difficult thing is to decide what kind of book should you buy for your bestie. When you give someone a book, it strengthens the bond between you and that person. So, it is always important to put some thought into buying a book. It should be a useful book which is also enjoyable for your friend. So, to help you out here, we have collected 5 books from our famous titles. These books are from different genres—such as fiction, health and wellbeing, biographies, and also some romance novels. Let’s check out the titles.

  1. Diving with Seven Livelihoods by Ahmed Mohammed Bin Thani
  2. Overpower Your Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by Hanan Al-bastaki
  3. Homes by Dr. Nuha Talal Ibrahim Zelai
  4. Carnival by Yasir Alsabali
  5. The Silence of London by Muna Alsuwaidi “Salfat3shg”

Books for Mom and Dad

Well, you love your parents. Everyone does!! But nobody knows for sure what their parents would love to have as a present. To make things harder, your parents wouldn’t even help letting you know what they would like to have as a present. So we need to think a lot before buying a book that would become mom’s or dad’s favourite. To help you in this regard, we have curated a list of books that has some exciting titles—books about travel, health and fitness, novels, and also some crime fiction. So, let’s delve into our list of books we have specially chosen for the moms and the dads out there.

  1. Fly by Sithara Palavar
  2. A Piece of Fabric by Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Qanbar
  3. Heading East by Abdulla Nasser Sultan Alameri
  4. The Descent by Fatma Hussein
  5. Is Life as We Know It? by Palak and Pooja

New Year Specials

Are you someone who loves to put things in order and organize important stuff in life and your surroundings? Or do you know someone who may be the kind of person who loves to write a New Year’s resolution and stick to it all year? If yes, then we have gathered some really inspiring and helpful books for you. From organizational books to educational ones—our list includes each one of them. Any book you choose from this list is guaranteed to make a very special gift to the disciplined one in your social circle. So, let’s check out what titles have we added to our list of New Year’s special books.

  1. Toward Creating Organizational Organization by Maitham Y. Almaskeen
  2. Philosophy of Excellence by Dr. Abdullah Attoun
  3. Dot by Lubna Mohammad Altamimi
  4. So Many Hats (or Veils) by Wid Kattan
  5. Momentums by Majd Radwan

Books for Your Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the best time to show your special someone how important they are. You can send your significant other a bouquet, along with an interesting novel, so they can enjoy the read and think of you every time they pick the book. With Romance books being the most popular genre, it may become overwhelming to buy the perfect book for Valentine’s day gift. But worry not, we have got it all sorted for you. We have chosen the 5 best books from the Romance genre. All the titles in this list are romantic fiction. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Rose Marie by Badriah Al-Ahmad
  2. I Believed You by Laila Bashar Al-Kloub
  3. She Was by Nura Alhamadi
  4. What Do You Know About My Love, Baby? by Shaikhah Kaseb
  5. In Love with Dracula by Nadine Jameel Omar

Books for Religious Occasions

Many people love to spend religious occasions and festivities by reading books from the religion and spirituality genre. They enjoy spending Ramadan reading spiritual guides and even their Eid holidays reading books. To help you out here, we have gathered 5 of our best books for you to give away as gifts on religious occasions. These include titles infused with the element of spirituality. So, let’s check them out.

  1. Oh My God! by Wad Hangol
  2. Pillars of Islam by Ahmad Mouhammad Alkharraz
  3. Sada-e-Haqq by Jameel AbdusSamad
  4. The Modern Statistic of the Most Beautiful Names of God by Dr. Daifallah bin Safar
  5. The Impact of Production Costs on Zakat of Agricultural Crops and Exploited Items by Mr. Abdullah Hamoud Ould Abdi

We hope this blog about books from different genres, you will find it easy to choose a perfect gift for your loved ones. From this list, you can choose a book as a present for the little munchkins in your family, your parents, a special friend, or even your significant other.

Happy gifting!

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