Is Life as We Know It?

Palak and Pooja

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Sit back and marvel at the beauty of these messages and how they whisper the secrets of the universe.


No matter where you are at present, high in happiness, nothing much happening or beneath a boulder of stress, sadness or pain, these messages will make you contemplate and re-examine your beliefs.

This book offers a fresh perspective on life and our existence.


Topics in this book range from questions that will leave you introspecting to questions that will make you re-evaluate everything that you thought you knew.

Is life really as we know it?

Palak and Pooja

Lovers of life, these two sisters wish to share with you a different perspective on life.They call these ‘whispers of the universe’ that will beckon you to re-look at your life and wonder – is life just our perception based on our experiences and assumptions or is there more to it?

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