Blossoming Kindness

Yasmine Hammad

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Do you ever find yourself speaking or thinking unkindly about something, someone, or even yourself? Well, let me tell you, you are not alone. You can blossom into a kinder and a more conscious version of yourself if you practice frequent acts of kindness.

Grandpa Hadid will take you through his one-week escapade with his four grandchildren Nayyirah, Adam, Milly, and Ty, who cultivated his senses towards the real meaning of kindness, tolerance, compassion, and empathy. Discover the essence of using one’s heart, thoughts, and hands to make the world a kinder place.

Yasmine is always in boundless search of ways to make this world a kinder, more peaceful place for this and future generations. From adopting quirky homeless cats to instilling the benefits of meditation in her home, she aims to surround her two daughters and their motley crew with different acts of compassion and kindness every day.Along her journey, she has come to discover the abundant benefits of the passion she now shares with her children. It is in this spirit that Yasmine writes – to share, to inspire and motivate.A self-confessed learner, her future plans include starting a foundation to support the education of less fortunate children, keeping her daily gratitude journal brimming with appreciation and continuing her path of enlightenment.

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