6 Book Corner Ideas for 2022

Amazing Book Corner Ideas for 2022

Looking for a nice quiet place to read your new book? With so many distractions in the house and electronic gadgets, sometimes it is hard to find that quiet, peaceful place to be alone to read. A book corner can be that very place.

Our phones, laptops and tablets are always buzzing with notifications. While checking them, sometimes it becomes hard to concentrate on our books. Why not create a no-gadget zone where you can read quietly?

A book corner is also great for beginner readers, especially if you want to encourage them to read. When we first introduce books to younger children, it can be difficult to keep them away from distractions so that they can concentrate on their books. A book corner is a great way to get kids to start reading.

Look no further! Below are some fun thematic book corner design ideas with some recommended books that go along with the theme of the book corner.

1. Enchanted Forest Reading Corner

The Enchanted Forest reading corner is a great thematic idea for younger readers. The magical powers of the enchanted forest are featured in so many children’s books. Why not create a corner of your home that looks like a magical forest?

With a little bit of paint and some basic supplies, you can create a magical place where your kids can relax and read their favourite books. Throwdown some green matting to replicate the forest floor. Create some DIY mushroom stools where children can sit and read. Buy some artificial vines that you can wrap around the corner, creating a forest-like feeling and you are set. To make it even more forest-like, you can suspend some netting and plastic vines that will create a green leaf-like thatched roof.

Recommended books for Enchanted Forest reading corner:

2. Poet Tree Reading Corner

Another great book corner idea for children is to create a Poet Tree reading corner. You can create a tree that has leaves with the name of your child’s favourite poems on it. This is a great activity for your classroom if you are a teacher. You can have the children from your class help you cut out the leaves.

This book corner design uses a Gratitude Leaves Template you can download for free. Many teachers have used the Poet Tree reading corner as a designated place to have their students recite poetry. You can even create a small podium that children can stand on to recite their poems.

Recommended books for Poetry Tree corner:

3. Gift Book Reading Corner

The Gift Book reading corner is a great way to introduce books to children who are learning to read. The excitement of opening a gift is something that all children love. Why not create a corner where kids can unwrap books to read?

This is a great idea to do with children during December when the festive season is at its peak. You can take some reasonably priced wrapping paper and wrap up a book for each student. When students go to the book corner, they will get the opportunity to unwrap the book they choose and read it.

This idea can be used in any existing book corner and is fun and economical.

Recommended books for Gift Book reading corner

4. Contemporary Reading Corner

Need some alone time away from your kids and the noise? Why not create a Contemporary reading corner with a nice contemporary chair and a few accessories. An ottoman in a solid colour will give this corner the contemporary feel that you are looking for. Pair it with a nice modernistic side table and that is all you need for this book corner design.

You can create this corner in your bedroom or even in a quiet corner of your home. Throwdown an animal print rug, and it will bring your corner together. A nice touch would be to display some black, and white pictures of your favourite memories on the wall. This is a great way to personalize your reading corner.

Recommended books for Contemporary Reading corner:

5. Vintage Feels Reading Corner

Give your reading corner a vintage feel by introducing a few vintage furniture pieces and some reclaimed wood, and you are set to pull off this design idea. Visiting thrift stores and picking up some great vintage pieces that you can upcycle is a great way to get your hands on pieces within your budget.

A nice reading chair, some wall décor and a nice vintage rug will bring your look together. Packing crates are also a great way to create a nice vintage look. Grab a few crates and stack them. Voila! You have a vintage side table you can rest your books on. For more vintage bookshelf design ideas, explore vintage furniture sites.

Recommended books for Vintage Reading corner:

6. Tranquil Garden Reading Corner

The Tranquil Garden reading corner is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and your favourite book. There is nothing better than being outside and enjoying a great book. All you need is a hammock and a good book.

Creating an outside reading corner allows you to spend more time in your garden. Place a nice side table with shelves that have wheels, and you can have a portable table that you can roll out whenever you need it. The best thing: Sunshine is a natural mood booster, and when combined with a good book, it sure will lift your spirits.

Recommended books for Tranquil Reading corner:

Great Book Corner Ideas 2022

Pick a favourite! There are so many possibilities when it comes to creating a peaceful and relaxing book corner where you can sit down and enjoy a good book. Whether it is for yourself or your children, take the time and plan it out so that you can quickly convert that corner into something useful.

Make sure you pick up a few good books that you can cosy up with and enjoy in your new reading corner!

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