Soar with the Green Sheikh

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi

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“Tell yourself that you are confident, sure, strong, bold, respectful, and loved. Such words promote self-assurance. They do not mean you are a self-centered egoist. God has created you and honored you, so honor and esteem yourself. The person that can influence you the most is YOU!”

The aim of writing this book is to create awareness among the people of the world how to use your strengths and skills to soar high and to achieve your goals.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi is a member of the royal family of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates, environmental advisor to the government of Ajman, executive president of Al Ihsan Charity Association, and a member of the trustee council of Ajman University, affectionately known internationally as the “Green Sheikh,” whose name is linked to environment and sustainability.

He obtained a PhD degree on ecosystems and cleaner production from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia; master degree of environmental management and science; bachelor degree of chemical and petroleum engineering as well as graduated from the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst, obtaining many certificates of diplomas in environmental and leadership studies along the way.

A recognized international ambassador of social responsibility and the second Arab ambassador for the Earth Condominium, an international organization working for the protection of the planet and preservation of peace. Awarded an Order of Merit – First Class from President of Sudan on social responsibility. Proclaimed by the Mayor of Edmonton, 10th of October of every year was called a “Green Sheikh Day” in Edmonton, Canada.

Furthermore, three mayors of three cities in Miami presented him with three distinct and prestigious awards. Mayor Julio Robaina of the City of Hialeah presented to announce a proclamation award naming the 25th of September “Sheikh Abdul Aziz Day,” Mayor Matti Herrera Bower of City of Miami Beach gave him the key to her city. Mayor Carlos Alvarez of the City of Miami closed the ceremony by presenting him with the visitor’s award to his city.

Having also won the Sharjah award for volunteering, Sheikh Abdul Aziz was recognized as being one of the respected personalities in environmental and volunteering work in the United Arab Emirates.

On the 7th of September 2018, he had the honor from the Rwandan government to name a baby mountain gorilla “Na-Yombi,” which means (Generosity). Hence, Na-Yombi’s bloodline originates from the Agashya gorilla family which means (Exceptional Family) from the volcanic mountains in Rwanda.

Inspiring trainer, coach, and mentor in leadership and change programs who presented many volunteering, public, and institutional training workshops, locally and globally, he is the founder of Green Sheikh Academy on creating infinite possibilities for generations, in several fields related to environment and sustainability. He inspired many youth and community at the Arab and international level and dedicates his time to sustainable developmental projects to be more sensitive to environment in the United Arab Emirates and areas around the world.

Moreover, he ventured to the South Pole, “Antarctica,” as a member of 2041 Leadership Team to familiarize themselves with factors of climate change and its effect on Earth. He has global participation with tens of organizations concerned with environment.

The author has presented radio programs and a series of episodes, most prominently being “Spirit of Altruism,” “Soar with Me,” “Spirit of Leadership,” “Spirit of Inspiration,” and Ramadan TV Program named “Spirit of a Leader.” He has many community, environmental, local, and global initiatives, most prominently “Ramadan Amaan” (A Safe Ramadan) campaign that got “The Best Arab Volunteering Experience,” “White Cane Walkathon,” and “Blue Youth,” “Youth and Water,” which was a global initiative about water and climate change launched in 2016 as well as other creative initiatives.

The author has participated to spread the spirit of joy and happiness with many followers via social media asserting impressive and noble goals. Some of his publications of books in Arabic include Our Beautiful Environment, Private and Secret, The Spirit of Altruism, Soar with The Green Sheikh (Arabic and English), The Spirit of Inspiration, Your Determination Leads to Your Success, and new published book in English year 2020 as co-author with Luke Coutinho The Dry Fasting Miracle, from Prive to Deprive.

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