The Best Adventure and Fantasy Books to Read Before 2021 Ends

Best adventure books and fantasy novels

When you read a book, you imagine yourself in a fictional world where you are the brave protagonist fighting evil, slaying mighty magical creatures and conquering kingdoms. Our minds are always drawn towards fantasy novels and adventure books, and we enjoy imagining different scenarios. There are thousands of books that you can read; however, finding a good book with well-driven ideas and a creative storyline can be difficult. Austin Macauley has always provided readers with engaging books by outstanding authors.

To be able to share a good fantasy book, writers have to put themselves in the minds of the readers so that they can picture different perspectives and document the most appealing option. The fantasy genre is filled with hundreds of thrillers with different storylines ranging from crime thrillersmurder mysteries, fictional worlds and creatures and many more.

We at Austin Macauley have compiled a list of Fantasy & Adventure novels to read by the end of the year. These novels are a mix of both reality and fiction, engaging readers and keeping them focused on what’s coming next.

These adventure and fantasy novels are guaranteed to keep you on your toes and keep your interest glued to the story. They are a combination of both fantasy novels and adventure books filled with amazing battles, incredible creatures, and realistic worlds that you always wanted to visit.

Let’s dive into the world of fantasy and adventure filled with magic, mysteries, and murders with our top picks that you will surely enjoy.

Night Catchers

Night Catchers

We start our picks with an incredible fantasy book written by Katherine Rich that takes us into the life of Aya, a young girl that recently moved to the remote countryside of England with her step-brother. Adjusting to the new setting is a challenge for her. She stumbles upon the dark world of good and evil.

The writer beautifully captures the encounters of Aya with all the mythic beasts and legends that you can imagine in a fantasy world. Roaming the dangerous world like in a video game, she has to fight her way up to face the ultimate evil.

The power that only Aya possess can awake the ancient spirits of the underworld, which will help save her world from destruction, but can she do it in time? Let’s see. Get your copy of Night Catchers now.

The Forbidden Tree

The Forbidden Tree

An epic fantasy novel, The Forbidden Tree by Bin Jarad follows Hajar in a world of betrayal, broken promises, and the disloyalty of the Leo family of the Scourthon Isles.

Hajar, the princess of many qualities has to embark on a journey one last time to take revenge for her father’s assassination. In this journey, she is not after the crown but wants to bring an end to those who were involved in the murder of her father.

Hajar is faced with the dilemma on her quest as she also has to reunite and make unwanted alliances with the ruling Ostegaard families that still have a dark grim past. Hajar must confront the Scorpio family about their broken oath in the book of blood that led to all these events.

Get your copy of the excellent fantasy novel here.

Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha

Tales from Al Baha brings stories from the cities of Ghamed and Zahran, comprising of the childhood memories of different individuals from the last two decades in a small village of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

These popular tales are in the form of short stories to engage culturally diverse audiences and create a sense of connection between the readers. These short stories are both fictional and modern stories that the author Muhammad Ahmed Al-Ghamdi gathered over forty years.

Order your copy now.

Shrink It

Shrink It

AlShaima Taleb Hussein is an excellent writer when it comes to portraying the impacts of technology on our children. In this novel, she humorously uses her creativity to illustrate the influence of technology in the modern world.

The novel portrays Ahmad’s journey when he comes across a strange but intriguing ad for an app called Shrink It. The app had a warning message to be responsible and not install if one is not brave enough.

The App prompted curiosity in Ahmad, and he installed the application without reading its description. What happened next shocked Ahmad as he found himself under an unexpected event where he must find ways to return to his normal form.

This novel also describes the carelessness of today’s generations, their irresponsibility and excessive use of technology, and the impacts that come with it.

The book is available for order.

The Sahara Spy

The Sahara Spy

The Sahara Spy portrays the hardships that Sara faced during her quest to find answers about a gruesome crime. The investigation led her to a tangled web of events and clues, all in a classic adventure challenge.

Her quest takes her to the troubled town of Al Rashid, where she faces her ultimate challenge. With her determination and passion, Sara and her team start their journey to find the truth. With all that’s going around her, will she be able to find it?

This adventure novel by Faadumo Farhan inspires the youth to find justice and take action for what’s right. Her work has always been an inspiration for the younger generation.

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The Secret in The Scrolls

The Secret in The Scrolls

After being forced to work in the ministry, Zara has become highly organized. It was a normal day with the usual schedule, including a meeting with the health minister.

The events of that day led Zara on an adventurous journey following ancient scrolls, secret lairs, and tombs with her newly-found friends. She embarked upon a journey, to not only find answers, but also to find her true self.

With each clue, they come closer to the ancient burial site of the machine that could obliterate or preserve their world. The choice was up to them to decide. This journey also paved the way for Zara to find her true self.

The Secret in the Scrolls is Sara Adnan’s debut book. Her love for ancient history has provided the readers with an excellent adventure novel.

Get your copy of The Secret in the Scrolls now.

Who Is There?

Who Is There?

Curiosity leads to learning new things, and books are a great way to encourage kids to learn and explore. Zain Alsharif has beautifully illustrated the adventures of Salem, which rose from his curiosity. It took him to places he never thought he would go and meet people he never dreamt of meeting.

This adventure novel starts with a mystery. Playing in the garden with his sister, Salem hears an unfamiliar voice coming from the trees. In search of the voice, he goes towards the trees. This leads to a unique experience and adventure of Salem that he will always remember.

Zain Alsharif is an aspiring writer who aims to make an impact on children with his stories and provide them with a unique learning experience.

You can order your copy of the book here.

Mr. Shabhon and the Closet

Mr Shabhon and the Closet

Imagination sparks creativity, and with a creative imagination, a child can achieve happiness. This book teaches children to expand their imagination, using it to create happiness, fulfil their dreams, and make the world a better place.

The story is about a young boy with a closet in his room, using his creative imagination to embark on an adventure and experience things that he dreams to achieve someday.

Ibtisam Al Wardi brings a story of children with imaginative adventure challenges. With creative imagination, they can achieve what they dream and use their dreams for things they cannot achieve.

This book can be a perfect gift for a child with a creative imagination. Order now!

These amazing adventure and fantasy books will surely illuminate your mind, and take you on an experience that you will not forget. Austin Macauley has always tried to provide its readers with a unique and memorable experience.

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