Shrink It

AlShaima Taleb Hussein

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One day, an interesting app suddenly appears on Ahmad’s smart phone: Shrink It.

“Wow,” he says, “let me try this new app.”

Ahmad installs the app. A warning message appears: “This is a serious application. If you are not brave enough, do not enter. What comes next is your RESPONSIBILTY.” Ahmad’s interest and curiosity increases and, without hesitation, he presses ENTER…

AlShaima Taleb Hussein is an Information technology expert, a police officer, and a doctorate holder in knowledge management and innovation. But most importantly, a wife, mother of three, and a hungry reader. She believes that tolerance and diversity are important for the civilization of this nation. Also, the positive and negative affect of using technology on children. Writing is a hobby that was discovered by coincidence, it’s the product of her wide imagination and experience in the field of technology and raising her children in the technological era.

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