The Sahara Spy

Faadumo Farhan

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When there’s trouble in Al Rashid town, Sara takes it on herself to solve the grizzly crime and goes scavenging for answers. Determined and passionate, Sara goes on an unstoppable quest to stop the bad guys and bring justice to the table. Sara and her squad team up and start their mission, what they find seems to be unexpected and heart shaking …. Will Sara find out what is really going on?

Faadumo Farhan is a Somali teacher and writer raised in the UK and currently living in the UAE as an expat teacher teaching in primary schools. Faadumo considers her faith and family to be most important to her. She has a passion for motivating and inspiring the youth not only through her different teaching methods but by books, stories, and words.

Faadumo’s creativity has always been an eye-catching trait of hers, besides her being adventurous. She inspires to aspire the youth and leave a footprint on the young generation.

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