The Secret in The Scrolls

Sara Adnan Rahib Al Shaikh

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Zara had almost gotten used to her new well-organized life after she had been forced to work for her parents. She had gotten up on a fairly normal day for a meeting with the minister of health – at the ministry. When he doesn’t show up to their meeting, Zara finds herself led down a daunting path of secret layers and strange events. With the help of her new-found friends, Adam, Isaac and Aisha, she is taken on a journey to strange places in search for truth amongst The Dead Sea Scrolls, the pharaohs, and long-gone prophets.

They follow the clues that tell them of the burial place of a secret device that could either save or destroy the world as they know it. The hunt not only unlocks the secrets of the world, but also help Zara go back to her true self.

The Secret in the Scrolls is the first authored book by Sara Al Shaikh; however, it is not her first interaction with literature. Having completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history- and anthropology-related subjects, she was given the chance to explore more and flourish her love of ancient history and archeology which are the credit to the birth of the events of this novel.

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