Faisal Khalaf Almukhlifi

The author is from Saudi Arabia, holds a BA in Administrative Sciences. He has produced a poetry collection in the name of “Nawaqis Gharam” in 2015. Literary posts by the author: 1- Nominated from the International Literature Foundation Thesar Alejandro Serrano Cultural Foundation (Museum of the Word) in Spain as an ambassador of the Spanish language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 2- A poetic participation in the epic of the Arabs, issued by the Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Cultural Foundation, which is a message from poets to the world, translated into several languages, and published around the world. 3- A television interview in the “Poetry Criticism Session” program on Al-Babtain Cultural Channel (Al-Bawadi Channel). 4- Poetry evening of the Education Department in Hafar Al-Batin.