Best Books for International Children’s Book Day 2023

Top Child Reads for International Children’s Book Day 2023

International Children’s Book Day is just around the corner, an important day celebrated worldwide since 1967. The day is April 2 on our calendars and falls on Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday.

Hans Christian Anderson is one of the most well-known and loved children’s authors. He is well known for writing tales like The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and the Emperor’s New Clothes.

This year, the country chose to sponsor International Children’s Book Day 2023 in Latvia, and the theme is ‘the small is big in a book.’ The host country selects the theme, and a famous author from the host country pens a message for young readers worldwide.

Celebrate Children’s Books this International Children’s Book Day 2023

Celebrating children’s books and literature is an important aspect of International Children’s Book Day 2023. It’s something that may be overlooked when marking the day. You can do your part by purchasing popular and not-so-popular children’s authors for children in your community and among your friends and family members.

Reviewing children’s authors online or sharing books written for children on your social media accounts is another excellent way to promote children’s book authors. The fact is that some of the most instrumental books that influence great leaders, thinkers and even great writers are introduced to them at a young age. These books shape their perspectives and approach to life and, in some cases, will motivate them to choose their career. Put simply: children’s books are essential.

Why Encouraging to Read Children’s Books is so essential for Children

Knowing the importance of reading for children and children’s books is the first step in marking International Children’s Books Day.

Let’s see why you should be reading to your children and promoting literacy among younger age groups:

1.     Introduces Basic Phonics

Reading to children at an early age is not only setting in place a good habit, but it is also introducing them to basic phonic sounds that they may otherwise not be exposed to. Before children start school, they depend upon the environment in the home to learn new things. Opening a children’s book and slowly reading phrases while pointing to letters helps to form a connection between sound and written words. It will be a long time before they learn to put sounds together to read but introducing the concept at an early age is a great way to support children’s reading.

2.     Teaches Children to Value Books

Having books in the house and letting children see how you care for them is an important lesson. The value children will give to readers comes from what they see at home. Knowing they must value children’s books and care for them is just as important as learning how to read them.

3.     It helps Children Learn to Focus

Focusing on things is difficult for children primarily exposed to the phone, screen and other low attention span activities. If you want to introduce focus and mindfulness at a young age, sit and read with your child. It is fantastic to see how, over time, children will learn to sit and take an interest in the best children’s books. This is imperative today when more and more children have problems with screen time and attention spans.

4.     Helps to Teach Children the Difference between Make-Believe and Real Life

Reading a book helps children know what is real and what is not. Reading about fantasy and make-believe lands lets children’s imaginations run wild and think about things they might otherwise not. Introducing faraway lands and characters they cannot find in this world is very important for young children and can have positive effects later in life.

5.     Helps Children Feel and Understand Frightening Events and How to Deal with Them

How do you deal with death, the loss of friendship, or even having to leave your home suddenly due to war? These themes are explored in children’s books, allowing children to feel and know what it would be like to deal with these specific situations.

6.     It helps Children Learn About Different Cultures

Promoting literacy and exposing children to books from around the world also helps them learn about new cultures and ways of life. How else would they know how other children play, eat and go to school in countries across the planet? Books are the gateway to exotic places they may never get a chance to visit.


Children’s Books to Purchase this Year

Now that you know the importance of encouraging children to read and the importance of reading for children, why not buy some great books today?

Here is a list of children’s books you can gift your child or purchase to read with them. You can buy these and more on the Austin Macauley Publishers website.




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8 Children’s Books to Cozy Up with This December

Winter is in full swing with the colder days starting to creep in, and while we miss the long, bright days of summer, quiet winter nights are ideal for book lovers. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy a crackling fire, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book.

This December, warm your hearts with our curated list of holiday stories for young readers covering important themes like generosity, self-esteem, and gratitude. Whether you’re looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas or good books to add to your child’s bookshelf, you can’t go wrong with these must-have children’s titles. So, cuddle underneath some cozy blankets and lose yourselves in these imaginative illustrations and unforgettable stories.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Not only does this story have a great message, but it is also full of drama, fun and relatable characters! Siblings Arthur and Martha don’t want to do their chores. Instead, they want to spend time with their friends playing. When Martha casts a spell to make their nagging mother disappear, what was supposed to be a carefree day turns into a disaster.



Cookie and Cream Investigate

Let your cat lead the way to adventure! Packed with humour, excitement and surprises along the way, this novel follows Cookie, a 9-year-old girl and Cream, her 3-year-old cat, on one of their visits to Dubai to track down Cookie’s dad. The amusement continues when they stumble upon a thief carrying some stolen documents.



Ginger and I

People and their relationship with their pets is an attachment that often involves mutual affection and deep emotional bonding. Ginger and I is a heart-warming novel that captures this deep bond between Sofia and her pet cat, Ginger. It illustrates the unconditional love that children can feel for their furry companion.



Let’s Learn How To Eat Healthy With Layan

This children’s book focuses on a little girl who loves to eat sweets, but when her excessive eating causes health concerns, she visits a nutritionist who helps her develop healthy eating habits. Filled with kid-friendly recipes and games, this informative read is perfect for teaching kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



I Have a Hump

If your children are tired of being stuck at home, this book might let them know they are not alone. Following a story of a little girl who wants to go to school to meet her friends, this book touches on the difficulties of quarantine – specifically for children. It explores the changes taking place due to the COVID-19 crisis and how best to adapt to them.



Jude And Maymoun The Monkey In The Circus

Celebrate the joys of family gatherings with Jude and Mayoun in this heartwarming book. It perfectly captures how a family reunion helps a child connect with their roots, celebrate family accomplishments, and feel bonded with those they love. It can get a little loud and crazy but the everlasting memories are worth it!



Just Imagine

How about something different for a change? Switch up your pace and discover what lies under the sea while learning mindfulness along the way in this underwater-themed yoga book. It opens your imagination to the world of wonderous underwater sea adventures and illustrates easy-to-follow yoga poses to help kids unwind.


Santa Doesn’t Break House Rules

Christmas is right around the corner, and Grace is super excited! From playing in the snow and decorating the tree to singing Christmas carols, she wants to enjoy all the holiday festivities, but not everyone is embracing the spirit of the season. She is determined to spread the festive cheer to her friend Theo and restore his Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?



That’s our take on the best children’s books to read in the month of December. We hope you found a few gems that will be worth adding to your kid’s books-to-read pile.

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How to Set Your Children’s Reading Routine?

children's reading routine

Are you juggling work and personal commitments and struggling to make time to impart important life skills that you are aware your children require? Instilling a love for reading in your children from an early age can prove immensely beneficial as they grow up. You’ll cherish the joy your child experiences in reading, and the time you spend helping your child learn to read is worth every minute.

If you’re looking to help your child become an avid reader, there are a few things more crucial than keeping up with the habit of reading for your kid. It can assist in helping to build stamina for reading and inspire a lifetime fascination with books! With just a few easy steps, you will be able to transform reading into one of your child’s most-loved activities for the year ahead.

Here are some tips to help encourage reading at home. They will not only help your child across all subjects but also reintroduce them to the pleasure of reading for enjoyment independently.

Make Reading a Daily Habit

You can ensure to raise a reader as soon as your newborn gets home. DO you know why? Well, babies love the gentle sound of a reader’s voice and being snuggled on a warm lap. If you incorporate reading into your routine, your child will likely adapt to reading while growing up.

Children can begin developing a good habit of reading at home, and if you wish to learn more on how to encourage good reading habits in kids, check out the linked blog.

Read in Front of Your Kid

Let your child watch your reading if you are a fan of magazines, books, or graphic novels. Children benefit from their observations. If you’re enthusiastic about reading, your child will be able to sense your excitement.

Taking Fun Library Visits is a Must

The library is an excellent spot to find new authors and check out books at no cost. A lot of libraries offer reading sessions as well as other reading programs designed for children. Going to the library gives your child an opportunity to build excellent reading habits and observe other children who are doing the same.

Create the Space for Reading

The first thing you should remember when planning routines to read to your child is to designate the space as a separate area for reading. Ask your child’s opinion about what they find most effective. Help them organize the area and personalize it to their taste and interests. Is there any special pet to use as an ideal reading companion or a blanket or hat that you can use to read in? Even the smallest of details can create a more welcoming space to relax while reading a book.

Let Your Kids Decide the Books to Read

The trip to the library is more memorable if you allow your child the opportunity to browse and discover. Children are more likely to desire to read something they select for themselves. If you’re worried about getting the right book or subject for your child’s reading ability, then provide your child with a set of books available to select from.

Create a Schedule

Making a schedule that you adhere to when reading encourages your child to be more inclined to read independently.

“Work with your child to set a specific time each night that supports a regular routine where other things aren’t scheduled,” says Burke.

Remember that this doesn’t need to be a strict process. It can instead be a relaxed family time.

Lead by Example

One of the most significant actions is showing your child good reading behavior. Switch off the television and put down your mobile and enjoy time reading a book. Your child will discover that reading books can bring them pleasure.

Make Use of a Calendar

We recommend using visual tools so your child can see the progress they make using a calendar. You can use calendars where your child can write down the amount of time they spend reading and the days they read on, and it can be a visual aid for them.

Talk About It

While having the meals together, engaging in a lively discussion on the book your kid is reading will bring enthusiasm to their reading habits. This encourages your child’s reading habit as you discuss what they’re reading, and you can both connect over reading books. This is a fantastic method of assessing your child’s reading comprehension. It is important to talk about the book in a way that feels natural and conversational instead of taking a quiz.

Expose Your Child to Different Genres of Books

Find a book that seems interesting to your child. Explore various genres such as mystery, science fiction, comics, science-fiction, etc. The more engaged your children are with the subject, the more they will want to read!

Support Your Child

If your child is struggling with reading and becomes annoyed, step back and look at what areas he or she may be struggling with. Speak to your kids about the issue and resolve it as earliest as possible.

Reading Should Be Fun and Should Not Be Forced!

Follow these steps to help your children become excited about reading so that you can help them become more effective readers. With a bit of concentration and direction, it is possible to get your kids the boost in reading they need.

You can incorporate storytime into your child’s daily routine to encourage the love of books. The book can be a great resource when getting ready for bed. Sitting down to read with your children can signal to them that it’s time to go to sleep. It could also be at the end of the day or whenever you think they need silence. If you’re searching for good children’s books to read to your kids, check out the books from our children’s genre.

If you do this during the exact same period each day, your child will become familiar with the routine and look for pleasure in reading. If they begin to enjoy books, they will be more comfortable with them when they are able to read on their own.

Make sure you stick to your plan. The occasional day off is acceptable, but you should be sure to stick to the routine most of the time.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about our suggested tips to set up you children’s reading routine, and they will be useful to you. If you wish to be a part of Austin Macauley Publishers, then you’re welcome to share your manuscripts here for review. You can also submit online by filling out this Online Submission Form. Stay connected with Austin Macauley on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more updates.