8 Children’s Books to Cozy Up with This December

Winter is in full swing with the colder days starting to creep in, and while we miss the long, bright days of summer, quiet winter nights are ideal for book lovers. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy a crackling fire, a cup of hot chocolate, and a good book.

This December, warm your hearts with our curated list of holiday stories for young readers covering important themes like generosity, self-esteem, and gratitude. Whether you’re looking for last-minute holiday gift ideas or good books to add to your child’s bookshelf, you can’t go wrong with these must-have children’s titles. So, cuddle underneath some cozy blankets and lose yourselves in these imaginative illustrations and unforgettable stories.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Not only does this story have a great message, but it is also full of drama, fun and relatable characters! Siblings Arthur and Martha don’t want to do their chores. Instead, they want to spend time with their friends playing. When Martha casts a spell to make their nagging mother disappear, what was supposed to be a carefree day turns into a disaster.



Cookie and Cream Investigate

Let your cat lead the way to adventure! Packed with humour, excitement and surprises along the way, this novel follows Cookie, a 9-year-old girl and Cream, her 3-year-old cat, on one of their visits to Dubai to track down Cookie’s dad. The amusement continues when they stumble upon a thief carrying some stolen documents.



Ginger and I

People and their relationship with their pets is an attachment that often involves mutual affection and deep emotional bonding. Ginger and I is a heart-warming novel that captures this deep bond between Sofia and her pet cat, Ginger. It illustrates the unconditional love that children can feel for their furry companion.



Let’s Learn How To Eat Healthy With Layan

This children’s book focuses on a little girl who loves to eat sweets, but when her excessive eating causes health concerns, she visits a nutritionist who helps her develop healthy eating habits. Filled with kid-friendly recipes and games, this informative read is perfect for teaching kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



I Have a Hump

If your children are tired of being stuck at home, this book might let them know they are not alone. Following a story of a little girl who wants to go to school to meet her friends, this book touches on the difficulties of quarantine – specifically for children. It explores the changes taking place due to the COVID-19 crisis and how best to adapt to them.



Jude And Maymoun The Monkey In The Circus

Celebrate the joys of family gatherings with Jude and Mayoun in this heartwarming book. It perfectly captures how a family reunion helps a child connect with their roots, celebrate family accomplishments, and feel bonded with those they love. It can get a little loud and crazy but the everlasting memories are worth it!



Just Imagine

How about something different for a change? Switch up your pace and discover what lies under the sea while learning mindfulness along the way in this underwater-themed yoga book. It opens your imagination to the world of wonderous underwater sea adventures and illustrates easy-to-follow yoga poses to help kids unwind.


Santa Doesn’t Break House Rules

Christmas is right around the corner, and Grace is super excited! From playing in the snow and decorating the tree to singing Christmas carols, she wants to enjoy all the holiday festivities, but not everyone is embracing the spirit of the season. She is determined to spread the festive cheer to her friend Theo and restore his Christmas spirit, but will she succeed?



That’s our take on the best children’s books to read in the month of December. We hope you found a few gems that will be worth adding to your kid’s books-to-read pile.

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