Amal and the Colors

Hana Rachid Haroun

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Amal is a dreamer and with a pen and feather between her little fingers, life becomes beautiful in her eyes, and she sees its allure, so she writes and draws colorful dreams with all her friends on their trips and journeys in every season of the year. With her, you will meet the smart reader child to get to know his best friend.

In the summer, she will take you to the seaside on an exciting adventure with the dolphin to help him achieve his big dream, and you will discover with her how she rejoices, dances and sings colors when she meets Maryuma, the sweet cheerful girl, and her brother, the wonderful violinist, and with the gentle green butterfly and its wonderful color that always smiles.

In the winter, she travels with the snow cloud in search of smiles in stories and tales, and under the spring tree she meets the white mare to rejoice in the sweetest gift, which is the little pony, so they share their dreams and hopes together, and with the help of their friends, they return the colored smile to the blue sky.

Hana Rachid Haroun is Syrian, but she has lived in Dubai since she was a child. She is married and has two children, Rachid and Hala.

She studied art in Paris and London, and obtained a Bachelor’s in Art and Interior Design from the American College of Art in London in 1994.

Writing, art and children are her passions. She publishes her writings on social media, and with music videos she writes and draws for the children of war to spread hope and optimism among children.

Her wish is to be able to help children in the world and to put a smile on their faces.

She started writing children’s books as a hobby, and her kids inspired her. Her first story was published in 2009. The idea of her writing was inspired by her keenness on the importance of instilling a love of reading in the Arabic language in children, with the attributes of giving, helping the needy, generosity, friendship, cooperation, patience and thanking God - Glory be to Him - always for his blessings.

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