Five Best Thrillers and Crime Novels to Curl Up with at Home


Books are amazing. Why? Because they allow you to live through the experiences of others. As George R.R. Martin once said,

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”

True, motion pictures do the same job but since everything is in visual form, it doesn’t offer much room for curiosity and speculation. It’s a book that gives us room to go on a never-ending voyage of imaginations. It’s a book that stirs our curiosity as we progress from one page and one plot to another, left to ourselves, wondering what the next page is about to bring.

The human brain is hard-wired to absorb information in story form, analyze it, and store it away for future use. In this context, the utility of reading thrillers and crime fiction can become handy. They put you in a mental simulator, keeping you engaged and mentally active. As this New York Times article shows, “fiction — with its redolent details, imaginative metaphors and attentive descriptions of people and their actions — offers an especially rich replica. Indeed, in one respect novels go beyond simulating reality to give readers an experience unavailable off the page: the opportunity to enter fully into other people’s thoughts and feelings.”

Secondly, it brings the good out of you—especially crime fiction. Humans are blessed with willpower, and thus, we are capable of doing both good and bad things. But our good side gets a value boost when we read a consequential thriller on crime. For instance, you read a good crime thriller, you question your core values—such as social and legal justice, fair-play, liberty and freedom and human dignity. It gives you a chance to reflect upon your own beliefs and receive renewed strength to carry on.

Last but not least, it offers us avenues to release our stress through. Although it sounds hypocritical, it’s true. A study by the University of Sussex showed just six minutes lost inside a thrilling book could reduce your stress level by as much as 68%. You journey through a tension-filled story but at the end of the story, it’s catharsis—the tension that was building up is finally released. When good finally triumphs evil, you feel vindicated, as if the world comes back into balance.

Below we give you an overview of some of the best thrillers we have in store for you. Read them, get curious and stay inspired.



Black Cat

Book: Black Cat
Author: Aesha Raja’an Al-Harashani

If you are a fan of supernatural thrillers, Black Cat is for you. It revolves around the story of a black cat, Rex. A magician loses his bewitching powers, and to regain the powers, he has to turn Rex into a vampire. Rex, now with immense powers, embarks on the mission to save his parents and take revenge from the evil magician for the wrongs he has done to him and his family. The magician has magical powers, but Rex is fast, furious and bloodthirsty. Who will win this battle? Will Rex rescue his parents and make them proud? To know how the tussle between Rex and the magician unfolds, grab your copy at 30% off here.




The Moon

Book: The Moon
Author: Khamis Mohammed Ali Alabdouli

The Moon is a captivating story of a king, named Robert.  He is ruling upon the subjects who are not humans but another species living on the surface of the moon. The only attributes this species share with the humans are cunningness, betrayal, and penchant for killing. Robert betrays his subjects and descends to the planet earth, a forbidden journey for which he is severely punished. But before bowing to his fate, Robert plants his seed in the womb of a human girl. Would his blood go to waste? Would Robert’s offspring avenge these lunar civilians for the death of his father? How would this fight between two different species unfold? Order a copy of this book at 30% off here and find out if Robert’s child would make his father proud.




Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia

Book: Come On, Let’s Chase Him to Tunisia
Author: Qais Ghanem

When Salem, a Yemeni boy, returns to London, he finds out that the love of his life Brigitte has left him and is with Peter now. A battle of words ensues when Salem confronts Brigitte in his apartment. In a fit of rage, he punches her; she fells on the steel table and succumbs to her injuries. Salem flees to Yemen where his father has great political clout. While the Yemeni authorities dodge Interpol’s requests to hand him over, the story takes a turn when Salem has to travel to Tunisia. It’s here that Peter sets a trap for him, with the help of his beautiful sister, Antonia. What is the trap? Would Salem fall for it? Would Peter give solace to Brigitte’s soul by taking the revenge? Don’t hang from the cliff! Order your copy of this page-turner at 30% off and know the complete story.





Book: Grandmother Fran’s ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST
Author: Carol Moxham Boot

Grandmother Fran’s ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST revolves around the life of Frances Plum, also known as Grandmother Fran. It features many characters and includes in its plot a range of issues such as pride, prejudice, bullying, domestic violence and much more. Grandmother Fran has to address each issue on her own. But her plans, are much easier said than done. There are significant twists and turns in the story, which will keep the readers gripped until the very end. But who—and what—is this ACCIDENTAL ARSONIST? Grab your copy at 30% off and go on an imaginative ride with Grandmother Fran and be privy to how she tackles her adversities.




There’s a Secret I Didn’t Tell You

Book: There’s a Secret I Didn’t Tell You
Author: Nora Sami Al-Thumairy

There’s a Secret I Didn’t Tell You is a gripping story of a young boy, Ali, and his struggles. His life is full of difficulties, hopping from one challenge to another. The final blow comes when he loses his mother to cancer. He’s alone, without anyone beside him. He doesn’t know who his father is. This story follows Ali’s journey to find his father. Would his father recognise him—and if he does, would he love Ali as his mother did? Would Ali’s share of trials and tribulations come to an end? Would he find the tranquillity and peace he so dearly deserves? Grab a copy of this full-of-suspense novel at 30% off here to know How it comes to an end.



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