Carol Moxham Boot

Carol Moxham Boot was the second child of four, born to a 1950's telephone repairman father and a stay-at-home mother. In those days, that was pretty typical. Carol’s trust in people, even those who should have always had her best interests at heart, was frequently tested. Much of what Carol learned on her journey was learned through consequential sacrifice. She wrote Grandmother Fran’s Accidental Arsonist in her sixty-ninth year. This book is in-part a compilation of sequences from her memory, in collaboration with a fictional family, and a seriously real arson fire. Carol is the epitome of perseverance. She hopes to assure children everywhere that bullies are manipulators who attack you at your core—no matter who they are, or what their age—but that they are simply devaluing themselves. Not you. Don’t let bullies, manipulators and users change who you are. You’ve got this!