Qais Ghanem

Born in the city of Aden, the author’s father is professor Dr. Mohammed Abdo Ghanem, one of the giants of poetry and literature in Greater Yemen, and his younger brother is the great Emirati poet and well-known poetry translator Dr. Muhammad Shahab Ghanem. His mother, Munira, is the daughter of a lawyer, the pioneer of the Adani journalism Mr. Ali Luqman. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh Medical college in Scotland in 1964. He majored in Neurology and received a number of specialization certificates from Canada, and Board certifications from America. He worked as a Specialist in Dubai, Sana’a and Doha respectively. After that, he returned to Canada. Dr. Qais Ghanem worked for 20 years of his stay in Ottawa, Canada, as a Neurologist and Clinical Professor at Ottawa University Hospitals. He was Director of hypnosis laboratories at University Hospitals, Manfouar Hospital and Armed Forces Hospital. And proved a rare ability in the leadership of society in political and social matters, where he was able to bring the citizens closer, despite their ethnic, religious and economic differences. He founded the Association for Mutual Understanding between Jews and Arab Canadians. He founded the club of married persons of different origins, as well as founded the monthly debate panel on democracy. Over the past eight years, during the peace week he contributed to the monitoring and management of expert committees for open debate. He has also chaired the Association of Canadian Arab university graduates for ten consecutive years. Dr. Ghanem began a radio program called “Dialogue among People” and won four awards from various Canadian institutions. In addition to his professional activities, he wrote four novels that give priority to the defense of women’s rights in the Arab world, mostly in English and Arabic. These books are titled: 1: Final Flight from Sanaa In which he predicted the fall of Ali Abdullah Saleh six months earlier. 2: Revenge of the Maid 3: Boys from Aden College 4: The forbidden Love in the Land of Sheba – The book to be printed He published a rare (Dewan) collection of poetry, half of it in Arabic, and the other half in English that titled From Right to Left. He also wrote the lyrics of the famous song “The Beautiful Is So Crazy”. In collaboration with Elie Nasrallah: Arab spring and Arab migrants’ role in Canada. In 2014, he was elected as president of the Canadian writers in the Canadian capital. Dr. Ghanem received a number of medals, including: Canadian Association of Ethnic Media – Radio Program. In 2009. Canadian Association of Ethnic Media – Radio Program. In 2010. United Way Award for Community Building. His name is included on the Metropolitan Municipality wall. In 2010, he received the Ottawa Award to serve immigrants. He has a leading part in the Media. He won an award of the Yemeni-Canadian Association in the capital Ottawa in 2011. The Golden Jubilee Medal of Queen Elizabeth in 2012. Award of the Canadian Arab University Graduates Association for authoring and Poetry in 2013. Ottawa City Medal from the Mayor of the Canadian Capital for the top fifteen citizens in 2014. Award for Martin Luther King for Peace in 2015. Japan’s Jaksu award for peace in 2015. Award for the best top twenty-five Immigrants to Canada in 2015. Ten years ago, Qais Ghanem contrived a slogan for himself and started to live by it: “We heard the complaints, where are the Bestowment?