Qualities of a Happy Marriage

Afonso Daniel Sanana

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In his remarkable debut book, Qualities of a Happy Marriage, author Afonso Daniel Sanana shares the secrets to building a fulfilling marriage. He weaves an intricate tapestry of heartfelt wisdom and profound insight, taking readers on a transformative exploration of the core qualities that make for a happy marriage. Sanana understands that love is at the heart of any successful relationship, but he also recognizes the nuances and challenges that test this bond over time.

Sanana shares his experiences and uncovers the essential elements of a happy marriage through compelling storytelling. Drawing from extensive research and thoughtful analysis, he highlights the invaluable lessons learned by couples at each stage of their journey. From effective communication to trust, intimacy to shared goals, Sanana emphasizes the power of these topics in building a harmonious partnership. A happy marriage is built on a foundation of mutual respect, empathy, and understanding. Couples who prioritize continuous nurturing and unwavering support for one another are better equipped to navigate the challenges that come with a lifelong commitment.

Practical tools such as effective communication and shared goals can guide couples through common pitfalls and help them grow together. Love, compassion, and connection serve as beacons of hope in times of struggle. Love, compassion, and connection are just some of the qualities that make up a happy marriage. In his groundbreaking debut book, Keys to a Lasting Marriage, Afonso Daniel Sanana offers couples a roadmap for their transformative journey towards true joy and fulfillment. He emphasizes the transformative power of a relationship and the importance of embarking on this new chapter together as partners. By cultivating a vibrant connection with one another, couples can experience a lasting marriage filled with quality moments and shared experiences.

Afonso Daniel Sanana (born 01/02 December 1979) is an Angolan entrepreneur, a teacher with an MBA degree, a dedicated husband, father and brother residing in UAE, Dubai. He is interested in culture, politics and human development. This is his first work to be published.

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