Maya and Grace

Nawal Benzaouia

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Once upon a time in a Kingdom named Mouchi, lived the Poro family. The Poro family was composed of the mother Nadia, Abel the father and three young boys whose recklessness made them stand out and a young girl, Maya whose beauty could literally rock the moon.
On a cold winter evening, a new child was born: Grace a baby with no hair, and whose eyes were being eaten by the eyelids. The parents went in quest of a cure for their daughter. When summer arrived, the three brothers decided to leave the castle to search for their parents. They entrusted Grace to their sister and forbade her to leave the castle. But after few years, Maya decided to go to the Mouchi village and to leave the castle…
Sit back and enjoy the adventure of the two sisters that will delight readers of all ages.

When you first meet Nawal, you will be captivated by her smile, her commitment for the people of determination and her keen business sense. She is a force in the accessibility community. Respected by her peers and clients, she has expanded her company, Massiraa, from France to UAE, and now the US. Nawal Benzaouia has had a passion for writing since she held her first crayon, which inspired her to write about her sister with Down syndrome. She became inspired to start writing books because she saw a need for a book that encourages parents, kids, individuals to see beyond each impairment. Behind each disability, there is an ability.

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