27 Years – Just a Piece of Meat

Shaakirah Mesias

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Many women find themselves trapped in a cycle of abuse, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or financial. It can be easy to believe promises and hold onto hope for change, especially when love and trust are involved. But staying in a toxic marriage, whether for the sake of children or fear of the unknown, can have unseen consequences. This book is about learning to trust in God and recognizing the blessings in hardship, even when it feels like a punishment. It’s about embracing the change and having the strength to let go when things are at their worst. This is a journey towards finding gratitude in the trials and tribulations of life.

Shaakirah Mesias is a primary school teacher and a proud mother of four. She has overcome a major depressive disorder and educated herself further to improve her life. She has dedicated her life as a teacher and community worker to bringing change in the lives of her community and students. She has established a non-profit community after-care project. She did voluntary work and coached the only cheerleading team for students with special needs in South Africa who participated on the national level. She is currently part of the school leadership team where she works.

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