Enwrap Me

Fatima Seif

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When love transcends until it reaches the sky’s vastness and glory
When love grows into a thriving entity that has created its unique place inside the heart
When love becomes a fragrance that fills the universe with fragrant goodness
That’s when the world blooms with beauty
And in its beauty, every sorrow, pain and disease fades
That’s when you realize that love is full of vibrant colors and elegant meanings
It is just like the yearning of the tree trunk for the Messenger of Allah
It is just like Mount Uhud, we love it and it loves us
Then, you discover that love knows no borders or walls
The entire universe becomes a stage for you and your beloved
It is quenching your thirst from the river of life
Whoever consumes it correctly, will live in a universe unlike any other
And he will be shaded by a sky unlike any sky
Only then will your life be meaningful
And your presence will be significant
So, are you ready to meet that love?

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