The Evil Of The Planet Kepler

Ezzedine Al-Jawhar

Total Pages: 208
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This sci-fi novel follows the Hawking 1 mission scientists who discover a planet, Kepler B22, harbouring the energy of the four natural forces. Their findings are sent back to the Rigel Centre and Laboratory on Earth. Unbeknownst to most, a covert scientific organization has a secret agreement with a rogue insider to seize control of the Centre’s research. Their plan? To utilize the discovery to advance a wave of hybrid animal breeding intended for populating and terrorizing Mars. Dramatic and imaginative events ensue as word spreads and lion hybrids are unleashed to wreak havoc on the local city’s population.

Eager readers will be drawn into this thrilling world as the scientists’ groundbreaking mission takes a dark and unexpected turn. With secret agendas and genetically engineered creatures run amok, the blurring lines between science fiction and reality will keep fans enthralled to uncover what happens next in this action-packed adventure.

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