Hainds and the Quantum Mind

Jorge Sanz Moraleda

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Henry Silverstone’s life revolves around the promise he made to his father. Haunted by the trauma of the accident, Henry immerses himself in discovering all that technology and medicine can offer him: another chance at survival.

By day, he serves as a world-renowned neurosurgeon, saving the lives of his dying patients. But behind the darkness of the night’s shadows, he works on fulfilling his promise: to give his father back his hands.

Obsessed with the fear of losing all he knows, Henry sets on a journey to preserve everything he has. Henry pursues the idea of immortality, but only with the help of the little friends he creates along the way.

These are now dark times, as New York City is experiencing an alarming rate of unexpected murders, all of which appear linked by a mysterious painting of a bloody red palm with trailing fingerprints that belong to someone who shouldn’t be alive.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant John Duffy sets out to put the pieces of this unnerving puzzle together. But as he does, he finds that the murder he is looking for may not be his biggest problem. For there is now something much more pressing and dangerous threatening the entire world: The Quantum Mind.

Jorge Sanz Moraleda is passionate about artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and data governance/management. He has lived and worked internationally for several decades in countries including Spain, England, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates.

With hAInds and the Quantum Mind, his debut novel, Jorge has fulfilled his lifelong dream of writing a science fiction novel motivated by his vivid imagination.

Now, Jorge wants readers to immerse themselves in the world of hAInds and explore the depths of their own imagination.

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