Folk Tales (How I Came, How I Stayed & How I Left)

Nael Almoosawi

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Folk Tales is a collection of 60 tales written in a stylish poetic language distributed between three books, referred to as Folk Tales: How I Came, Folk Tales: How I Stayed and Folk Tales: How I Left.

The tales are referred to as songs and highly driven by the bard imagination, such tales assumes the tongue of the bard who sings songs for a vast audience around the lands of England, excelling in his profession for entertainment and moral purposes, the bard tends to deviate from the logical aspect of life into a much more exaggerated or imaginative elements of storytelling to entertain the listener and teach kind values.

The book is surely designed to delight the reader and soften the hardened hearts.

Nael Almoosawi is a Bahraini writer, who started his writing career in January 2020. He spent around a year writing his first book Fables That No One Seems to Care About, and further to that, he wrote several other books and intends to keep on writing for the foreseeable future. Nael’s writing is very poetic in style and very enigmatic in nature, reflecting an inner desire to produce something new and refreshing.

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