Cowpoke Sorcery

Muhayer Alowais

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Cowboys, magic, and murder.

Roger Anderson is a member of the most notorious gang in the West. As he’s growing increasingly tiresome and conflicted with his life as an outlaw, he’s confronted with the death of his sister. Likely killed by another member of the gang that he has dedicated his life to.

To uncover this mystery, he’s tasked with studying wizardry and facing powers from worlds far beyond his reach. With everything crumbling around him, Roger is pushed further and further to explore thoughts that lingered in the depths of his mind. What does it mean to be righteous? What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to have purpose?

His friends and family are to aid him in his quest.

Antonio Rodríguez, his best friend: shy, insecure, and could never hurt a fly.

Leroy Anderson, his adoptive brother: known as the king of the west to the rest of the world. He’s harsh and cool, but monotone and never has his emotions exposed to anyone.

Faisal, an older, wiser member of the gang: puts in the most effort to solve the case, but his temper can get in the way at times.

Ann Clarence, a bull-headed bounty hunter: doesn’t seem to care about much of anything. She goes with the flow and helps where she can.

And then there are 13 other colourful members of the Anderson Gang. Sadly, none of whom he can trust anymore.

Muhayer Alowais is a young author from the United Arab Emirates. His love for writing started from a young age, he started writing short stories and manuscripts for plays ever since he could remember. This passion helped put together this book, which was inspired by his infatuation with cowboys and the endless possibilities of magic.

His Twitter is @MuhayerAlowais

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1 review for Cowpoke Sorcery

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Excellent book for a young author, highly recommended.

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