Top Reads This Spring Season

Top reads for this spring season

With the cold and gloomy weather behind us, we cannot wait to step into spring. The winters provided us with many opportunities to hibernate indoors and enjoy some good books. But with spring approaching, we cannot wait to check out some new spring season books.

Creating time and space to enjoy your spring reads is just as important as choosing the right book. We are here to help.

We are going to look at some great places you can kick back and enjoy some spring season books.

Welcoming the Warmth of Spring by Decluttering

Spring is the time for renewal and rejuvenation. After a long cold winter, everyone wants to clean out their closets and declutter their home and life. That means your books too!

A good way to get rid of books you have not read in a while is to schedule a time during your spring holidays to clean out your bookshelves. Instead of disposing of your books, why not exchange them for new ones at your local old bookstore. Better yet, donate to a community library so others can enjoy your favourites too.

You could also lend to your friends who may need something new to read and would love to enjoy a book that you love. Bottom line, if you have read a book then it is always a good idea to clear your shelf for more great books to read.

Now we know everyone sometimes has sentimental value for specific books and you would never want to give away what you consider the best novel of all time. For example, you would never want to give away your first Harry Potter novel. Alternatively, if you have a signed copy from your favourite author, that would not be the book to give away. So before you decide to declutter, ask yourself some questions:

  • Would I ever re-read the book?
  • Do I have an emotional attachment to the book?
  • Is this something that can be replaced with another book that would have more value to me?
  • If it is a technical or educational book, do you still refer to it for guidance?

Once you have an idea, of what needs to go and what does not you can start the decluttering process. Follow the following steps:

  • Do not remove all of your books at once. Do it shelf by shelf. This way you will not feel overwhelmed and will be able to look at each book carefully before deciding what needs to go and what stays.
  • Does a book carry some monetary value because a famous author signs it or because it is an heirloom? Maybe it is considered the best non-fiction book of all time. You can decide whether you want to save it or maybe sell it.
  • Create piles for the books you want to keep and the ones you want to give away.
  • If you have magazines, it may be a good idea to separate them and decide which ones you want to keep. Instead of storing them on your bookshelf, you may want to keep a separate plastic box for them.
  • Any books that are torn or unusable should be disposed of.
  • In the end, after you have created your donate pile, decide to who you will give your books. You want to make sure whomever you give your books to that they will be used.

Springtime Reading: Why You Should Take the Time to Enjoy Spring Reads

Reading is one of the most relaxing and important self-care activities you can do this spring season. What exactly is it about reading that promotes mental health and a sense of peace?

Well, it is more complicated than you think. When we pick up a book, we are focusing on one thing rather than multitasking, something we do throughout the day. Reading a book especially a fiction book taps into our imagination. This results in reducing stress and creating a relaxing mood.

Doctors have started using reading books as a form of treatment for various mental health problems. In the UK, for instance, doctors have started using a therapy called bibliotherapy. It helps patients who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

This spring season is a great time to catch up on any spring season books you missed. With some extra time during spring break or holiday, be sure to pack a few extra spring reads that you can enjoy. Now you know that reading is not only an enjoyable activity it is important for your mental health.

Places You Can Catch up On Your Spring Season Books

Where can you read your springtime selected books? Well, many places can serve as great reading spots, but they might not have occurred to you.

Let us go over a few:

The Train

Is your early morning commute bland? Why not liven it up with a great book. The train is a great place to catch up on your reading. It is usually quiet and a place where you will not be engaging with others. It is a great time to catch up on those spring reads you have been meaning to start.

A Restaurant or Hotel Lobby

If you are eating alone or staying in a hotel for business, why not take along a great book you can read. Often people find it awkward to eat alone, but with a selection of the best books to read, you will not feel all by yourself and can enjoy a good meal and a great book to read at the same time.

A Coffee Shop

The coffee shop down at the corner or in the neighbourhood is another great place to read a book. You visit it often, so it is familiar and probably has a few quiet corners that you can use to enjoy some recommended books to read. Why not grab a coffee and catch up on that reading.

The Park

The park is a great place to read a book, especially in the springtime. You want to enjoy the outdoors while also catching some important sunrays. Why not grab some top books to read, a blanket and make it a picnic.

The Beach

The beach is a great place to read a book. With your blanket, towel, and umbrella, you can enjoy a quiet afternoon relaxing with a great selection of top reads.

Create Your Springtime Reading Corner

Another great way to get into the springtime reading mood is to create or redecorate your reading corner. After a long harsh winter, why not add some colour to your reading corner to liven up.

Let us look at some easy and quick ways to redecorate your reading corner this spring:

  • Adding colour to your walls is a great way to liven up your reading corner. With a few splashes of paint and a bright colour
  • Add colour through accents. You can put down a bright rug or a colourful throw on your reading chair. Even a colourful art piece and be a great addition.
  • Change lighting to make it brighter. Why not add a new lamp or new light fixture with a brighter bulb. It can change the mood of your entire corner.
  • Adding fairy lights or an attractive light globe can brighten up your reading corner. So affordable and easy to do.
  • Add some greenery to your reading corner by bringing in some plants. Plants add a very nice summary and spring feel. Affordable and pleasing to the eye, you will not regret the green additions.
  • Add storage bins that are bright and colourful. Why not increase your storage space while adding some colour to your reading corner.
  • A bright abstract clock can also be a great addition to your reading corner. It will help you keep track of time while also brightening up your space.

Top Spring Reads You Can Buy Today

Let us look at some great books to read that you can buy today to start the season right. We have a great list that includes some children’s books as well. If you are looking to lay back and relax in the warm sun, then these books are just for you.

Whether it is self-help or inspirational stories about faith, we have selected the perfect list of books you can enjoy with your family.

  1. Oh My God!
  2. Pain and Hope
  3. Christ (Peace Be Upon Him) Taught Me
  4. A Father’s Dream
  5. Adam’s First Day at School
  6. After Corona
  7. All Pleasures
  8. Leading the Self
  9. Elena
  10. Unforgettable Love

Welcome Spring this year with a Good Book

Springtime is here and we have listed great-recommended books to read. With the weather warming up and more opportunities to get out and enjoy the outdoors, why not take along your spring season books.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for decluttering and livening up your reading corner just in time for spring. With a fresh start and a new year ahead of us, the time is better than ever to create a nice reading space. You can thank us later!

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