Top 5 Austin Macauley Books To Read This Spring


Every year we are enriched with many incredible reads, and keeping up with all the must-read books can be challenging.

Our recommended list of titles will give you the essential dose of inspiration you need, to navigate through the realities of life. We suggest these 5 books worthy of adding to your book collection.

Listen To Me by Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami

Listen to Me is an inspirational autobiography of a young woman, who aspires to become a skilled doctor and help people through her work. In the book, she talks about her struggles to overcome the hardships of life with her unwavering resolve and determination. She encourages the readers to cope with the emotions of disappointment and rise from the painful experiences and traumas that stop us from getting on with our lives. Throughout the read, your heart will soar with love, as you will see all the failures were not strong enough to hold her back from embarking on the journey to success. Her motto in life is to never give up and keep moving ahead. Get a copy now!

Ethar’s Poetry by Ethar Alyamama

Ethar’s Poetry is a collection of beautiful poems, a montage dedicated to women by the greatest poets and lovers of all time. It speaks of the deep feelings and emotions that a woman feels. The author has highlighted some note-worthy female figures from all walks of life, who deserved appreciation for the work they have done to serve humanity. The book also talks about some critical issues like alcoholism and different characteristics of individuals that lead them to the crisis. Grab a copy of  Ethar’s Poetry here.

Labib and the Freakish by Mahmoud Kehela

Labib and the Freakish is a Sci-Fi book written by Mahmoud Kehela, who takes you on an exciting adventure of the protagonist Labib, and his mythical creatures. The book is an educational read that illustrates the importance of incorporating joy, spirit, and relaxation in your lifestyle. Get this fascinating read now!

The Bilingual Revolution by Fabrice Jaumont

The Bilingual Revolution narrates the story of the movement that took place in Brooklyn, seen through the eyes of educators and people who made the efforts to implement bilingual programs in their schools. Fabrice Jaumont, also known as “Godfather of Language Immersion Programs”, has received many awards for his contributions in the field of multilingual plan development for various European countries. The main argument frequently emphasized in the book is the inclusion of high-quality bilingual education programs in every school as it can positively transform the future and even revolutionize the country. The author has implied that the system cannot reach the desired heights unless this norm is adopted at every level. The book is a wonderful self-help guide for initiating your very own bilingual program. Click here and start your revolution today!

Philosophy of Excellence by Dr. Abdullah Attoun

Philosophy of Excellence is a thought-provoking work of Adbullah Attoun, who encourages the readers to embrace simplicity in their lives. The author draws his inspiration from the story of Adam and his descendants who split into two groups, known as ‘The Unique’ and ‘The Simple’. It challenges the prevailing view of most people who are trying to be unique by seeking money, authority, and power. Whereas, only a few are on the path to achieve peace and harmony by investing in their nature to become better human beings for the good of the world. This exceptionally beautiful written book calls out to people’s conscience to not lose sight of what is more important by being lost in the vicious circle of greed and power. Click here to get your copy today!

We hope that you will enjoy and draw inspiration from these mindful titles. To know more about our fantastic new releases, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.