Listen to Me

Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami

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Falling is very painful, especially if it is followed by an ankle sprain. Heavy signals shock the brain with pain. Is there anyone who can hear the river of tears inside of me?! A whimper between the walls of my heart, my soul is about to break. Come on, get up! Yes, get up…time is running out. Hold on to the floor that brought you down and stand up! Hold on to your failure to impress it with your success! Remember that it is an incentive to increase your dose of enthusiasm and stability. Never give up! This is my story, I tell it here with the scattering of my pen, so listen to me…

She is a 22-year-old girl who graduated from Liwa International School in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. She studied Medicine for nearly a year at the UAE University and then moved to Dubai Medical College to continue in the same discipline. Now she is going through training, moving between Dubai’s government hospitals. She aspires to be a skilled doctor in the near future and help every patient and person in need through her work. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, reading, calligraphy and photography. She is a mix between literature – her hobby – and science – her field; therefore, choosing her specialization was not a plan nor an ambition since adolescence. Rather, it was an idea which she admired, chose with her desire and then was deeply attached to it.

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